A Letter from Bayushi Nitoshi

As, it would seem, the designated spokesman for all things Kitsuki, all I can say is bring it, Nitoshi. 🙂

P.S. The Scorpion have honor to stain? Don’t they still use shadow magic of their own?



I have read your report of the recent events both in the Colonies and in other parts of the Empire. I am glad to see that my choice to elevate you to your position was not an error, as your insights and observations remain useful. It does seem that, against all odds, the Crab remain stalwart and useful allies in more than one way. While others might wonder how two such disparate Clans can work together, Crab practicality is not so unlike our own. We find our enemies and we destroy them. While our methods may be dissimilar, such things are irrelevant in the grand scheme.

To this end, the escalation of the war against the Spider is in all of our best interests, of course. The Crab, for obvious reasons, would enjoy seeing every Spider holding burned down and every Spider samurai pulled apart and buried. For our part, we cannot match the Crab in raw military power, but the Spider do not simply represent a thread on the field. It is high time that the minions of the Shadow Dragon – shadowspawn that represent an unending stain on the honor of Shosuro’s memory and our Clan’s honor – are dealt with decisively.

We have known for some time now that these filth are working with the Spider, and we have kept this information to ourselves for various reasons. Though it is not the time to reveal this knowledge, it is time to move against them in the darkness they believe is theirs. The Spider think they know darkness and evil and are thus safe against the horrors of the night. While the Crab crush them on the battlefield, we will prove just how limited their imaginations are.

When we are done, even the Tainted minions of the Spider will know what it is to recoil in horror.

However, it is not merely the Spider we must worry about. The Dragon, with their damnable Kitsuki-trained magistrates and court functionaries, have brought the Crab’s actions into question in the courts of both the Colonies and the Empire. The Kitsuki are fools to think we will sit idly by and watch our allies be stymied in this way. Though there are some that may argue the Scorpion are not masters of the court, only a buffoon would think that a small Dragon family could manage to stand against our network of influence and power.

There is work to be done. I have every faith you will be able to manage these tasks in my name. I am certain you are wise enough to not disappoint me.

Bayushi Nitoshi
Scorpion Clan Champion

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