Strange Assembly Status Update

So, you might have been wondering where Strange Assembly has been the last couple of months? It’s been that long since we last had a new episode, and not even any web updates in the last month. Well, I spent about two months being overwhelmed at work and frequently sick (I presume the high stress level is related to the illnesses, but what do I know?). Then we bought a house and moved. And it turns out that work/family/health gets the nod over time spent crafting gaming-related ramblings. So, yeah, I just haven’t had the time/ability to keep up with Strange Assembly lately. Sorry about that.

But now, with my life back in a semblance of order, you can expect to see web content and episodes again (we just recorded Episode 042). There will be a delay in getting high(ish) quality audio to you on the episodes, however, as one of the things that didn’t get dealt with in the last couple of months is that our fancy-by-my-standards audio interface (which was originally paid for with that l5rsearch sponsorship; thanks guys) had a bit of a breakdown, and has to get repaired back at the factory. This will take some as-yet-unknown amount of time and funds. Nothing to be done about the time, but if you like that improved audio quality, feel free to chip in:

L5Rsearch can’t pay for everything, after all. In the meantime, we’ll be using our original recording equipment – which, you may recall, was not so hot.

Again, sorry for the absence of new content lately, and now back to those episodes/statistics/reviews you know and love have a mild interest in.

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