SC Meta-Game Update #8

This will be the final Second City update, unless some more data comes in about older tournaments and/or someone runs a tournament in January/February as Celestial Edition, instead of using proxies from the “Kolat Edition” PDF.

No tectonic shifts from the (probably) final weekend of CE tournaments. Phoenix skipped up a spot, and Scorpion fell (although not enough to change their ranking).

1) Mantis – 24.39%
2) Dragon – 24.11%
3) Crane – 21.23%
4) Lion – 18.12%
5) Crab – 17.72%
6) Scorpion – 15.70%
7) Phoenix – 15.28%
8 ) Unicorn – 14.89%
9) Spider – 10.53%

5 thoughts on “SC Meta-Game Update #8

  1. Strange Assemblers! We’re dying out here! Give us a new podcast, even if you spend an hour talking about Kenzo’s grey hair! The entertainment of listening to the crew is sorely missed.

  2. The delay is more of a combination of Christmas and technical difficulties behind the scenes than a lack of anything to talk about. (If we get together, we’ll figure out something to blather on about.)

    We’ve been talking about putting something up soon though, so hopefully we’ll have something.

    1. Joins in the drumming of fingers… There’s only so much Ambient I can take awaiting a new podcast. Did you guys discuss the Favoured of the XXX Dragon series and results?

      In particular, and parochially, the upshot of the Celestial Dragon / EE Environment kickoff; granted its a small sample set, which Chris hates to take as anything approximating representative, but does the all Crab final Harbinger (pun intended) anything to you guys?

      Early out predictions for the coming Kotei season could make for hours of idle, baseless speculation as well 🙂

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