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As you may have noticed, I’ve been doing written reviews of L5R sets recently, but also of board games and RPG books that we’ve played/I’ve read. These reviews are also posted on the applicable GeekDo sites – BoardGameGeek or RPGGeek (or even VideoGameGeek, for the Duels of the Planeswalkers reviews). BoardGameGeek is the biggest place for board and (non-CCG) card games on the internet, and RPG Geek is picking up steam, although it still lags well behind RPG.net. So, if you like board/card games, or RPGs, you might want to check them out.

More to the point, however, they have these things called geeklists, which are, well, lists of whatever random things you compile together from the site’s databases. I’ve now created a [Strange Assembly Reviews] geeklist, which gives you another (possible easier way) to go back through all of our reviews, in addition to choosing the “Reviews” category over there on the right of your screen. If you’re a BGG member, you can also subscribe to the geeklist, and BGG will give you a little reminder (not an e-mail, but just a message on the site itself) that there’s a new Strange Assembly review to check out (if you’re a member you an also enter frequent BGG contests for free games, include pretty much every new thing AEG puts out).

So, feel free to peruse the reviews over on BBG (where they are often much better illustrated, since I can use the BGG image database), and if there’s anything you like, you can also “thumb” the review to let others know you found it useful.

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