Strange Assembly Fantasy Football League

After taking a year off from fantasy (American) football, I thought it might be nice to have a Strange Assembly fantasy league and, thanks to those wonderful folks at Yahoo!, that’s really easy to make happen (their shareholders may not be happy, but Yahoo has a really great fantasy sports setup).

League rules will be pretty standard for this sort of thing (although you can feel free to lobby for any changes you want made once you’re in the league). Because the player pool gets pretty shallow with really big leagues, I’m going to restrict this to only 10 teams max (so 9 of you, since I’m already in the league). If there’s more interest, I’ll just open a second league, so if the league fills up make sure to send an e-mail to me at so I’ll know there are more of you out there.

The league will use an autopick draft. I much prefer a live draft, but with a group of people this spread out, there will inevitably be a few who can’t possibly make whatever time/date I pick, and that’s a big disadvantage, so I think an autopick draft is more fair. The autodraft will be set within the last week prior to season kickoff, so that everyone has the best info on injuries and such.

League name is Strange Assembly.
League ID is 382223
League password is neverstopgaming.

You can sign up at

2 thoughts on “Strange Assembly Fantasy Football League

  1. Aaaaand done. I’m the Prancing Unicorns, which strangely enough, is not an L5R reference. It’s actually my default team name in fantasy football.

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