Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Update #13

Full data from three of the four Kotei last weekend has been added in – sadly, the one I don’t have everything for is the one that I was at (didn’t grab the full cut list).

It was a nice weekend for Crab and (relatively speaking) Spider making the cut, and with a Crane win every Clan has managed at least one win in the Emperor Edition environment.

This last weekend saw the legality of Den of Iniquity.  While this may adjust the meta-game, I am not going to restart the statistics.  I had to make this judgment a while ago, and with the way that promos can become legal at random times, I concluded that starting over whenever a promo became legal would produce some really small and useless chunks of data, and so the best course was to break and start a new stat block only when an entire set entered the environment, not just a promo (or promo pack).  So, for example, next month a new chunk of statistics will start when Embers of War becomes legal, but I will not start over when the Kotei promo pack becomes legal.

Emperor Edition Environment
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutChi-Square Standard Residual

1) Crab – 28%
2) Lion – 24%%
3) Phoenix – 23%
4) Dragon – 23%
5) Scorpion – 21%
6) Mantis – 21%
7) Unicorn – 20%
8 ) Spider – 13%
9) Crane – 12%

12 thoughts on “Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Update #13

        1. He likely chose the Blossom due to the environment shift to lots of dishonor for the first week of Den of Iniquity being legal. Rehonoring a guy as he assigns to a battle is awesome for the match up, and some extra Force and a few points of honor in other games makes for a solid, cheap attachment for protection.

          1. I hadn’t considered Chrys rehonoring guys as they join battle — god point!

    1. Spider won the Imperial Explorers event in Germany prior to the start of Kotei season (there were a handful of non-Kotei Emperor-legal storyline tournaments, and they are included in this data). Christian Reitberger won with Paragons and chose Ninube Onchi.

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