Embers of War Decklists #2

Another set of Embers of War decklists for you. Some newly posted, and some that make it look like I must have not looked hard enough when I was perusing the Kobune Port last time. Appearances by a couple Pokemon decks and a couple Kalani’s Landing decks, plus Dragon Kensai, Goju, and Phoenix Spell military.

Phoenix Spell Military – Anthony Calabrese – St. Louis Kotei Winner

Library of Rebirth


3x Shiba Sansesuke
3x Isawa Shunsuko
3x Isawa Kojiro
2x Kunji
1x Asako Chukage
3x Mahatsu
2x Moshi Sasako
2x Moshi Umiko
1x Takasho
1x Moto Rani xp

3x Small Farm
3x Silver Mine
3x Archery Range
2x Shrine to the Heavens
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Temples of Gisei Toshi
1x Prosperous Village

1x Ryoshun’s Guidance
1x Shiba’s Guidance
1x Second City
1x Glory of the Shogun
1x Topaz Championship


3x Strength of the Tsunami
3x Channeling the Fallen
3x Scouring Flood
3x Dragon’s Favor
2x Katana of Fire xp
2x Bo of Water
1x Unnatural Flood
1x Mastering the Elements

3x Brave New World
3x Broken Cipher
2x Skipping the Puddle
2x A Yojimbo’s Duty
2x Sniping
2x Inexorable
2x Retribution
1x A Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace

1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Earth

Mantis Pokemon – Jason Ballard – Grove City Kotei T16

Kyuden Kitsune XP
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters


1 Kitsune Ohsuki
1 Kitsune Hisano XP
2 Moshi Tomeno
3 Kitsune Kohaki
3 Kitsune Tokoru
3 Kitsune Gina
3 Kitsune Haruki
3 Kitsune Denhei

2 Overgrown Grove
1 Distant Reaches

1 Hotei’s Contentment

1 Imperial Gift
1 Boastful Proclamation
1 Disgrace
1 The Turquoise Championship

3 Temple of Hotei
3 Kobune Port
3 Rugashi Bazaar
3 Temple Fortress
1 Peddler
1 Temples of Gisei Toshi


3 Singh Remnants
1 Dazzling Attire

3 Incite the Phantoms
3 Obscured Pathways
3 Mountain’s Power
3 Inescapable Snare
1 Hanabi

1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Earth

3 Desperate Mediation
3 Block Supply Lines
3 Sundering Strike
3 Unimpeachable Name
3 Wrathful Ancestor
3 Duel of Serpents
2 Fury of a Mob
2 Hidden Defenses

Mantis Pokemon – Trevor “A Lion Among Men” Valentine – St. Louis Kotei T8

Kyuden Kitsune xp
Border Keep
Bamboo Harvesters


Imperial Gift
Boastful Proclamation

Overgrown Grove x 2
The Distant Reaches

Hotei’s Contentment

Temples of Gisei Toshi
Traveling Peddler
Kobune Port x 3
Temple Fortress x 3
Tugashi Bazaar x 3
Temple to Hotei x 3

Kitsune Ohsuki
Kitsune Hisano
Kitsune Tokuru x 3
Kitsune Haruki x 3
Kitsune Kohaki x 3
Kitsune Gina x 3
Kitsune Denhei x 3
Moshi Tomeno x 3


Obscured Pathways x 3
Incite the Phantoms x 3
The Mountain’s Power x 3
Inescapable Snare x 3
Chikushudo’s Trickery x 2

Wrathful Ancestor x 3
Duel of Serpents x 3
Block Supply Lines x 3
Desperate Mediation x 3
Flooded Pass x 2
Rocky Terrain x 2
Unimpeachable Name x 2
Great Sacrifice
Sundering Strike
Creating Order
A Game of Dice

Singh Remnants x 2
Dazzling Attire

Ring of Fire

KL – Rinn Andre – Nuremberg Kotei T8

Kalanis Landing
Border Keep exp
Bamboo harverester exp

# Dynasty (40)

# Celestial (1)
1 Yoritomo’s Guidance – exp

# Event (3)
3 Too Close to Home

# Holding (9)
2 Slanderer
3 Merchant Atoll
3 Prosperous Village
1 Traveling Peddler

# Personality (26)
3 Akodo Ashiko
1 Fukuzo – exp
3 Masaya
3 Yoritomo Tarao
2 Yoritomo Minori
3 Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
1 Tsuruchi Samuru
1 Unmei
3 Yoritomo Doho
1 Yoritomo Hiromi
3 Yoritomo Kanaye
1 Yoritomo Sachina – exp
1 Yoritomo Singh – exp2

# Region (1)
1 The Second City

# Fate (40)

# Ring (3)
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of the Void

# Strategy (37)
1 A Game of Dice
3 A Stain Cleansed
3 Basic Lesson
3 Broken Alliance
1 Creating Order
1 Fruitless Search
3 In the Heart of Battle
2 Inexorable
3 Know No Fear
3 Costly Opportunity
1 Peace
3 Perfect Sacrifice
3 Precision
3 Siege Volley
1 The Heir’s Wrath
3 The Law’s Strength

KL – Dan Dineen – Grove City Kotei T8

Kalani’s Landing
Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvesters exp

Dynasty: 41

Celestials: 1
1x Yoritomo’s Guidance xp

Regions: 2
1x The Second City
1x Kaiu Village

Events: 3
1x Imperial Gift
1x Alter History
1x Formal Apology

Holdings: 14
3x Kobune Port
3x Luxurious Silks
2x Money Lender
2x Travelling Peddler
1x Magistrates Stipend
1x Chugo Seido
1x The Seekers Temple
1x Imperial Treasury

Personalities: 21
3x Yoritomo Hama
3x Yoritomo Tarao
3x Tsuruchi Nobukatsu
3x Yoritomo Kanaye
1x Tsuruchi Tomaru xp
1x Makito xp
1x Yoritomo Singh xp2
1x Yoritomo Hiromi
1x Yoritomo Sachina xp2
1x Tsuruchi Samaru
1x Daigotsu Hotako xp2
1x Fukuzo
1x Daigotsu Bukaro

Fate: 41

Strategies: 33
3x Basic Lesson
3x Govern the Land
3x A Stain Cleansed
3x At Any Cost
3x Precision
3x Hidden Defense
2x Interference
2x Astonishing Accusation
1x A Yojimbo’s Duty
1x Sundering Strike
1x Gold and Steel
1x Brawl
1x Broken Alliance
1x Fruitless Search
1x Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace
1x The Heir’s Wrath

Items: 4
2x Cursed Relic
1x The Black Pearl
1x Dazzling Attire

Followers: 3
3x Legion of Pain

Rings: 2
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Water

Dragon Kensai – Mike Petke – San Jose Kotei T8

Foothills Keep
Border Keep (Exp)
Bamboo Harvesters


Jurojin’s Blessing

Alter History
Imperial Gift

Akodo’s Grave x2
Chugo Seido
Colonial Harbor x3
Gold Mine x3
Prosperous Village x3
Temples of Gisei Toshi
The Imperial Treasury
Traveling Peddler

Daigotsu Hotako (Exp 3)
Masatane x3
Mirumoto Houken x3
Mirumoto Kojinrue x2
Mirumoto Kouzei x3
Mirumoto Reiyu x3
Mirumoto Yumaru x3
Tetsuo (Exp)
Yamazaki x3


Blade of Champions
Cursed Relic x3
Nightingale Blade x3
Sasumata x2
Tsuruchi Daikyu x2
Wyrmbone Katana x3

Ring of Water

A Brave New World x2
A Game of Dice
Again! x3
Brawl x2
Creating Order
Heart of Darkness x2
Hundred-Fold Cut x3
Moving and Unmoving x3
Never Beyond My Reach x3
Retribution x2
Sundering Strike x3

Spider Ninja – Palmer – Grove City Kotei T16

The Shadow’s Lair
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


1x Jurojin’s Blessing
1x Glory of the Shogun
1x Imperial Gift
3x Low Market

2x Merchant Atoll
3x Prosperous Village
1x Temple of Gisei Toshi
3x Temple to the Elements

1x Daigotsu Gyokan xp2
1x Daigotsu Hotako xp3
1x Daigotsu Susaiken
3x Goju Gochiso
3x Goju Kobashi
3x Goju Yurishi
1x Fukuzo
3x Ninube Onchi
3x Ninube Shiho
1x Shadow Dragon xp3
1x Shosuro Aroru xp3
1x Takasho
3x Yamazaki


1x Cursed Relic
3x Wyrmbone Katana
3x Sankaku-Yari
3x Tsuruchi Daikyu

1x Ring of Fire

3x A Brave New World
1x A Game of Dice
3x Asset Denial
1x Creating Order
1x Goju Plot
3x Help from the Shadows
3x Knife in the Darkness
1x Peace
3x Retribution
2x Skipping the Puddle
2x Stuck in Rokugan
2x Sneak Attack
3x Sundering Strike
1x The Heir’s Wrath

3 thoughts on “Embers of War Decklists #2

    1. I actually prefer to play honor/dishonor. It just hasn’t been viable in a shade of green before. I’ll play lion again the next time they have dishonor.

  1. KL is stupid good even if it requires a strong player to pilot correctly. I hope they errata the stronghold before next season or things are going to get really bad with all the current and upcoming things that just feed off the stronghold like a vampire on a middle-aged woman.

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