Beta Testing for L5R Honor Counter App for Android

I received a request to pass this on to our listeners/readers, and it seemed like something you might be interested in.  Like the post title says, these guys are working on an L5R honor counter app for the Android OS, and they are looking for some beta testers in hopes of having the app available by GenCon. The app is called Honor Box because it’s designed to work as both an honor counter and your Stronghold. You can find out more by visiting their post the AEG forums and/or contact them via e-mail.

4 thoughts on “Beta Testing for L5R Honor Counter App for Android

  1. I’ve been using one of the many Magic apps to do this but it will be nice to have a direct app. Here’s hoping you might bring to iOS at some point 🙂

  2. It’s actually quite good (awesome may be a better word). I noticed the 3 new strongholds and the 2 unaligned strongholds have no pictures yet, and the starting honor doesn’t change to reflect what the starting honor should be for each stronghold. Of course, this is no doubt why it’s a beta release, so these minor kinks can be fixed…

  3. A clarification: the starting honor doesn’t automatically change to reflect the correct starting honor for the new stronghold. However, in the timer area on the far right side there is a menu bar that lets you reset, which then gives you the correct starting honor. I really like the program and especially the low, low price of FREE!

  4. @Goju Ukot

    Once this is available on the Google Play and Amazon Android stores an iOS app is not out of the question, however because AEG has an officially supported app on iOS already they would need to be the ones who have us create it. We did Android first because there is no official competing app from AEG and because we are using a fair amount of their assets and IP, we needed their permission to do it.

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