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As you guys may recall, the audio quality on Strange Assembly has reverted to a bit lousy for the last couple of episodes, and will be for the next couple of episodes (which we recorded last Saturday).  Well, I finally got the repair bill for the audio interface (including shipping and so forth), and it’s $120.  Now, L5Rsearch did their bit to help us buy it in the first place, but they don’t pay for everything, and we’d love it if some of the thousands of you who enjoy the higher audio quality wanted to kick in a little bit to help fix it.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The audio interface is going to get fixed regardless, and I’m not going to go broke in the process.  But at least after I get done editing the most recent episodes, I could tell Katie (my wife) how we’re providing a service to our listeners that’s worth more than $0 to them.  Donations will be recognized on the podcast, unless you’d prefer they weren’t.  And thanks to those of you who have, in the past, donated to support Strange Assembly.

12 thoughts on “Audio Equipment Repair Cost – Support Strange Assembly

  1. I’d actually like to donate, but paypal and I do not get along. Is there another manner in which you can receive donations?

    And I’ll find horrible cards for you to have to talk about per $5.

    1. That should be the theme of an upcoming show. Give us a topic, and we have to talk about it for a minute for every dollar you donate. (Note: This would actually be horrible.)

      Chris would be the one who can talk to other donation methods.

  2. So… donated 5 bucks via paypal… they put my account on lockdown because they want to make sure it wasn’t fraudulent activity. I love what you guys do… but I hate you now 😛

    1. Don’t hate us, hate the online micro-payment economy!

      Paypal can be really finicky, but if other people have the same problem, post something here or otherwise let us know, and we can find out if it’s something on our end.

  3. I sent you guys a little something.

    Everything went through for me, looking forward to the Emperor Edition review.

    Keep up the great work.

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