Week 6 Kotei Meta-Game Update

Another week down this Kotei season. Although we’re only six weeks in, we’re almost a third of the way through based on the number of Kotei so far (18).

This week saw even continued big presence and wins from the Crane, with Dragon continuing with terrible attendance numbers. Both Lion and Crab (especially Crab) saw their sweeping successes slowed this weekend, and the Unicorn picked things up a little bit thanks to a quarter of the T16 in Tacoma wearing purple. As of the time of this post (Tacoma is not done yet), only Unicorn and Dragon have not yet won a Kotei. The Crane, while only in the middle of the pack as far as ability to get into the cut, have won a third of all Kotei so far.

1) Lion – 20.16%
2) Crab – 18.94%
3) Mantis – 15.35%
4) Spider – 16.08%
5) Crane – 14.19%
6) Dragon – 12.93%
7) Scorpion – 12.75%
8 ) Phoenix – 11.76%
9) Unicorn – 9.17%

And, since one of them made a T8:

10) Ronin – 4.76%

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