War of Honor: Dragon Tiles

There are more Emperor-legal War of Honor cards I need to get the pics up for, but for now I’ll switch it up and do one of the sets of Clan tiles. Each Clan gets three Stronghold tiles (pictured) and two Plains tiles (not pictured – they can be distinguished by border and clan mon watermark, but they’re all basically the same). Each Clan has one Stronghold with a Limited ability (used on your turn before combat), one with an Open ability (used on anyone’s turn before combat), and one with a Battle ability (used . . . wait for it . . . during combat!).

Dragon are one of the four Clans with decks in War of Honor. Each deck and its tiles are primarily aimed at one of the Paths of Victory, and the Dragon deck is aimed at Enlightenment.

War of Honor - Dragon Tiles

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