Second City Meta-Game Update #4

Last weekend saw five more Second City-legal storyline tournaments, and we already have full data on four of them to include in the rankings, including the South American Championships. The biggest mover this week was probably Crane, which took three of the four cut spots at the Flint Name-a-Card tournament – although Lion will presumably pick up a boost for the next set of rankings as they took the top two spots at the Vancouver/Coastal Katana Dojo event, which we don’t have the full data for yet.

Rate of Making the Cut, per Clan

1) Mantis – 26.37%
2) Dragon – 23.71%
3) Crane – 21.15%
4) Lion – 17.71%
5) Scorpion – 17.05%
6) Crab – 15.46%
7) Unicorn – 15.00%
8 ) Spider – 10.91%
9) Phoenix – 10.64%

Average rate per clan is 17.88%.

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