Second City Decklists – Update #6

More messages from the world of tournament successful decklists. We’ll kick things off today with a couple of Dragon decklists, followed by Phoenix and Spider. A good weekend to speak Spanish, it would seem.

Oh, and then there are some Unicorn decks, because I keep forgetting how they split of their deckbuilding forums.

LSC Magistrates – Kyoshiro Vera – South American Championships Winner

1 Last Step Castle

1 Border Keep
1 Bamboo Harvesters – exp

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (3)
1 Naoharu’s Gift
1 Winter’s Embrace
1 Willing Spirits

# Celestials (1)
1 Ebisu’s Honesty

# Regions (1)
1 Well-Defended Border

# Holdings (14)
3 Gold Mine
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Counting House
1 Kitsune Den
2 My Father’s Shrine
2 Rich Coffers
2 Ageless Shrine
2 Magistrate’s Stipend

# Personalities (21)
1 Kitsuki Taiko – exp
3 Mirumoto Haru
1 Daigotsu Oki
2 Kitsuki Fujimura
3 Kitsuki Nubane
3 Kitsuki Horume
1 Togashi Satsu – exp5
3 Kitsuki Bokuko
3 Kitsuki Nakai
1 Tamori Ruya

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (39)
3 Hamstrung
3 Impromptu Duel
3 Wall of Honor
3 Defensive Nature
3 Outer Walls
3 Patrolling the Roads
3 Imperial Adjudication
1 A Game of Dice
3 Duel of Haiku
2 Forging Destiny
3 Discovering a Conspiracy
3 Peaceful Discourse
3 Accidental Confession
2 Taxing the Scum
1 The Fires of War

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of the Void


DBC Magistrates – David Rodriguez – Puerto Rico Name-A-Card Winner

Dragon Breath Caste
Border Keep Exp
Bamboo Harvester Exp


Celestials (2):
Jurojin’s Blessing
Saibankan’s Justice

Events (1):
Jimen’s Decree

Holdings (14):
Magistrate’s Stipend x3
Offices of the Emerald Magistrates x2
Counting House
Tsi Mokotsu
The Imperial Treasury
Slanderer x2
Gold Mine x3
Traveling Peddler

Personalities (21):
Kitsuki Bokuko x3
Kitsuki Fujimura x3
Kitsuki Nubane x3
Tamori Ruya
Kitsuki Horume x3
Mirumoto Haru x3
Togashi Satsu
Mirumoto Ichizo Exp
Mirumoto Hojatsu
Mirumoto Shiki
Kitsuki Taiko Exp

Regions (2):
The Second City
Well-Defended Border

FATE (40):

Imperial Adjudication x3
Low Stance x2
Patrolling the Roads x3
Duel of Haiku x3
Discovering a Conspiracy x3
Disreputable Deal x2
Ultimate Sacrifice
Forging Destiny x2
Wall of Honor x2
Hamstrung x3
Sword for Hire x2
Impromptu Duel x3
Steel on Steel x3
A Game of Dice
Shadow’s Talon x3
Peaceful Discourse x3


ToP Dishonor – Sandrino Escobar – SAC WC Winner

Temple of Purity
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp

Dynasty (40):

Personalities (20):
1x Isawa Mitsuko
1x Isawa Mitsuko xp
1x Isawa Sakonoko
1x Isawa Kumai xp
1x Asako Fosu
3x Agasha Kokiden
3x Asako Serizawa
3x Asako Mokichi
3x Agasha Kodo
3x Asako Izuna

Holdings (14):
3x Silver Mine
3x Magistrate’s Stipend
3x Slanderer
2x War Encampment
2x Counting House
1x Travelling Peddler

Celestials (2):
1x Saibankan’s Justice
1x Jurojin’s Blessing

Region (1):
1x The Second City

Events (3):
1x Willing Spirits
1x Wisdom Gained
1x Minor Blackmail

Fate (40):

Spells (17):
1x Mastering the Elements
3x Winds of Dismissal
3x Seek the Stain
3x Whispers of the Forgotten
3x The Kami’s Whispers
1x Walking the Way
3x One with the World

Strategies (19):
1x A Game of Dice
1x Subversive Whispers
3x Pull the String
3x Taxing the Scum
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Faint Praise
2x Burn the Village
3x Discovering a Conspiracy

Items (2):
2x Pearl of Embers

Rings (2):
1x Ring of the Void
1x Ring of Air


KS Paragons – Heber Ramos – SAC WC T4/Top Spider

Kyuden Suzume
Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvester

Dynasty (40):

Holdings (14):
3x Shinomen Marsh
3x Border Village
3x Oyo Seido
2x Traveling Peddler
2x Ageless Shrine
1x Chugo Seido

Personalities (24):
3x Daigotsu Bofana
3x Daigtosu Gahseng
3x Daigotsu Arima
3x Daigotsu Murota
Daigotsu Oki
Daigotsu Susumu
Daigotsu Gahseng xp
Daigotsu Setsuko xp
Taishuu xp
Daigotsu Chaozhu xp
Moto Yuudai
Daigotsu Gyoken xp2
Daigtosu Hotako xp2
Daigotsu Hotako xp3
Daigotsu xp3

Regions (1):
Plains of Resolution

Celestials (1):
Jurojin’s Blessing

Fate (40):

Strategy (38):
3x The Perfect Moment
3x Retribution
3x Know No Fear
3x Grateful Reward
2x Nakanu Technique
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Murderous Intent
3x Cast Aside The Weak
2x Revenge
3x Deathly Aura
2x Superior Mobility
2x Heart of Darkness
2x Inexorable Defeat
1x Justly Earned Victory
1x Creating Order
1x Ultimate Sacrifice
1x The Thriving Light

Rings (2):
Ring of Water
Ring of the Void


OK TAC – Matt Butterfield – Iowa WC Winner

Outsider Keep
BK Exp
BH Exp

Dynasty: 40
Personalities: 22
Ide Kin x3
Shinjo Byung x3
Shinjo Junpei x3
Moto Chen Exp3
Moto Choon-yei
Moto Jin-sahn Exp
Moto Xiao EXP
Shinjo Hwarang Exp
Shinjo Ki-Chang Exp
Shinjo Kodama
Shinjo Liu Ying
Tamago Exp 2
Utaku Fujiko Exp
Utaku Tairu Exp
Yogo Rieko Exp

Holdings: 13
Recruitment Officer x3
Stables x3
The Blessed Herd x3
Colonial Harbor x2
Chugo Seido
Public Records

Other: 5
Plains of Resolution x2
Alter History
Festival of Founding
Ryoshun’s Guidance

Fate: 40
Strategies: 31
Consideration x3
Cowed by Wisdom x3
Entrenched Position x3
Imperial Command x3
Sundering Strike x3
Superior Mobility x3
Thorough preparations x3
Civility x2
Inexorable Defeat x2
Only Actions Speak x2
A Game of Dice
Creating Order
Honor Never Falls
Ultimate Sacrifice

Followers: 3
East Wind Riders x3

Items: 3
Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn
Rekai’s Yumi
Talisman of Maigo no Musha

Rings: 3
Ring of Air
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water


OK TAC – Obsidian Champs T8/Top Unicorn

Outsider Keep
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp


Wartime Allies
Under Siege
Reinforce the Line

Daikoku’s Guidance
Bishamon’s Guidance

Senseki Province x 2
Private Shrine x 2
Undefended Border

Stables x 2
Traveling Peddler

Shinjo Sanenari x 3
Shinjo Junpei x 3
Shinjo Byung x 3
Shinjo Tae-hyun x 3
Shinjo Dong-Min x 3
Moto Juncheng x 3
Shinjo Kai Li x 3
Shinjo Hee-Young x 3
Shinjo Rina x 3


Ring of the Void

East Wind Riders x 3
Fifth Wind Cavalry

A Game of Dice
Creating Order
Honor Never Falls
Superior Mobility x 3
Well Scouted Target x 3
Consideration x 3
Incapacitated x 3
Sneak Attack x 3
Sundering Strike x 3
Winter Siege x 2
Grateful Reward x 2
Civility x 2
Claw and Shell x 2
Clan Conflict x 2
Dangerous Reconnaissance x2
Determined Force x 2

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