Second City Decklists – Update #3

No new Second City tournaments, but there are new decklists out there! OK, I admit it, there aren’t new decklists . . . but I keep forgetting that the Mantis boards hide their decklist forum within another forum. So here’s a couple of Mantis decks that have put in solid performances in the Second City environment.

SSP Blitz – Matthew Paddon – EuroChamps T16

Seven Seas Port
Border Keep XP
Bamboo Harvesters


2 Expendable Resources
1 The Seekers’ Temple

3 Private Shrine

1 Bishamon’s Guidance
1 Osano-wo’s Guidance
1 Jurojin’s Blessing – Broken

3 Yoritomo Eita
3 Tsuruchi Suzuki
3 Tsuruchi Omori
1 Chikara
3 Sakarah
3 Pokupo
3 En’you
3 Yoritomo Saburo
3 Yoritomo Kaemon
3 Yoritomo Chiako
1 Yoritomo Iwata non-XP
1 Yoritomo Saburo XP
1 Yoritomo Utemaro XP2


3 Reckless Rush
2 Unorthodox Attack
2 Effortless Counter-Attack
2 Extensive Training
3 Cost of Pride
3 Shameful and Cowardly
3 Sundering Strike
3 Settling The Homeless
3 Final Duty
1 Siege Volley
3 Determined Force
3 Border Ambush
1 Fruitless Search
3 Crippling Weather
2 Scouting Far Afield
1 Creating Order
1 A Game of Dice
1 Ring of Void


AV Swarm – Andrew Ornatov – Portland Name a Card Winner

Aramasu’s Vigilance
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters


1x Yoritomo’s Guidance
3x Traveling Peddler
3x Private Shrine

3x En’you
1x Chikara
3x Tsuruchi Omori
3x Sakarah
3x Yoritomo Eita
3x Pokupo
3x Tsuruchi Suzuki
3x Yoritomo Saburo
3x Yoritomo Iwata
3x Yoritomo Chiako
3x Yoritomo Kaemon
1x Yoritomo Saburo
1x Yoritomo Utemaro


3x Basic Lesson
3x Know their Minds
1x Ultimate Sacrifice
2x Dangerous Recon
2x Fury of the Mob
2x Scouting far Afield
3x Settling the Homeless
3x Brawl
3x Claw and Shell
3x Reckless Rush
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x Unfamiliar
3x Border Ambush
3x Final Duty
3x Rout

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