Kotei Week 3 Meta-Game Update

After three weeks of Kotei, we have full data on all 11 Kotei. So far the Clans’ ranking, in terms of ability to make the cut, is:

1) Lion – 21.88%
2) Crab – 21.28%
3) Mantis – 16.67%
4) Spider – 15.31%
5) Crane – 12.62%
6) Dragon – 12.50%
7) Scorpion – 11.82%
8 ) Phoenix – 10.59%
9) Unicorn – 8.43%

Average per clan was 14.57%. A big weekend for Spider, especially in Poland, jumped them up quite a bit (the data set is still relatively small at this point, so one big weekend can move things substantially). Crane slid further down, with Crane players still showing up in droves, but not making the cut much. Although you can’t see it in the numbers above, the lack of Dragon attendance is noteworthy – usually one of top (if not the top) in attendance, Dragon has had worse attendance so far this season than everyone but Mantis.

You can discuss this, and see more thorough data, on either the Strange Assembly forums or the the AEG forums.

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