Kotei Unicorn Decklist: Where’s the Kang?

The decklist is almost a month old now, but still lethal. Although Andrea’s deck title does seems like it’s in the wrong Clan.

Andrea Civera’s Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
(also discuss here):

Utaku Plains
Alter History
A New order

Daikoku’s Guidance

3x Stables
3x The Blessed Herd
2x Famous Bazaar
3x Clan Estate
Traveling Pedlar
Kitsune Den
Belly of Fudo

3x Ide Kin
3x Utaku Toshie
3x Utaku Kana
3x Utaku Liu-Xeung
3x Utaku Jin-Lao
2x Moto Jeng-Yung
Moto Chiang
Utaku Kohana Exp
Utaku Fujiko
Utaku Yu-Pan
Moto Chen
Daigotsu Hotako

FATE (41)
Ring of Water
Ring of the Void

3x Utaku Elite Guard
Rekai’s Yumi
Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn

3x Downhill Charge
3x The Wind Never Stops
3x Riding in Harmony
3x Determined Force
3x Outer Walls
3x The Cost of Pride
3x Desperate Rush
3x Rout
2x Civility
2x Justly Earned Victory
2x Shameful and Cowardly
2x Inexorable Defeat
Sneak Attack

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