Kotei Meta-Game: Lille, France

France always hosts some of the biggest Kotei every year and, thanks to decklist collection and some reporting, we have a lot of information about the meta-game at that tournament this year – the field, all of the decktypes for the T16, and even the T4 decklists. You can check out the original Lille kotei thread here.

Clan Breakdown:
CB: 14
LN: 9
MN: 7

T16 (ranks after swiss):
1. SP [FotD Breeder]
2. SP [FotD Breeder]
3. SP [FotD Breeder]
4. LN [Central Castle Cavalry]
5. CN [Embassy Artisan Duelists]
6. CB [SPC Berserkers]
7. UN [OK Scouts Blitz]
8. LN [Great Halls Heroes]
9. CB [SPC Heroes/Ronin]
10. DG [TKM Kensai]
11. MN [DGC Big followers]
12. UN [UP Battle Maidens]
13. CB [SPC Heroes]
14. CB [SPC Scouts]
15. PX [SoC Honor]
16. SP [FotD Breeder]

T4 Decklists:

Gaël Schmidt-Cléach – Breeder

Fields of the Dead

Dynasty – 40

Daikoku’s Guidance-1

Private Shrine – 2

Barley Farm – 3
Border Village – 3
Dark Oracle of Fire Experienced 2
Expendable Resources – 3
Shinomen Marsh – 3
Traveling Peddler

Chuda Atsuro – 3
Chuda Inisi – 3
Chuda Otsu – 3
Chuda Seikai
Chuda Shuzo – 3
Daigotsu Susumu Experienced
Hachigoro – 3
The Quiet Death – 3
Udo – 3

Fate – 40

Border Ambush – 3
Claw & Shell – 3
Final Duty – 3
Flanked by Nightmares – 3
Game of Sincerity – 3
Imperial Drills – 3
Questionable Charity – 3
Relentless Conviction
Scouting Far Afield – 3
Shameful & Cowardly – 3
Superior Mobility – 3
The Dead Do Not Rest – 2
Unclean Sacrifice – 3
Ultimate Sacrifice
Unnatural Hunger – 3

Damien Desprez – Breeder

Fields of the Dead

Dynatsy Deck (40)
1x Ekibyogami’s Spite
1x A Walking Death
3x Barley Farm
3x Expandable Resources
3x Shinomen Marsh
2x Border Village
1x Counting House
1x Dark Oracle of Fire Exp2
1x Traveling Peddler
2x Private Shrine
3x Chuda Atsuro
3x Chuda Inisi
3x Chuda Otsu
3x Chuda Shuzo
3x Hachigoro
3x Udo
1x Ujisato
1x Isawa Fosuta Exp
1x Daigotsu Susumu Exp
1x Chuda Seikai

Fate Deck (40)
3x Might of the Shadowlands
1x Consuming the Flesh
3x Border Ambush
3x Claw and Shell
3x Final Duty
3x Flanked by Nightmares
3x Game of Sincerity
3x Questionable Charity
3x Rout
3x Scouting Far Afield
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x The Dead Do Not Rest
3x Unclean Sacrifice
2x Unnatural Hunger
1x Relentless Conviction

Loïc Hervier – Outsider Keep Scouts

Outsider Keep

Dynasty Deck: 40
1x Shinjo’s Guidance
1x Bishamon’s Guidance
3x Clan Estate
3x Stables
1x A New Year
1x Under Siege
1x Crossing the Forbidden Sea
1x Wartime Allies
1x Private Shrine
3x Senseki Province
1x Undefended Border
1x Shinjo Dun Exp
1x Utaku Fujiko Exp
1x Shinjo Ki-Chang Exp
3x Moto Taban
3x Shinjo Kai Li
3x Shinjo Rina
3x Shinjo Hee-Young
2x Tsuruchi Gosho
2x Shinjo Emiko
2x Shinjo Meng-Do
2x Shinjo Shinlao

Fate Deck (40)
1x Ring of Air
1x Ring of the Void
1x Ring of Earth
1x Ring of Water
1x Heavenly Lance of the Unicorn
3x East Wind Riders
3x Snow Riders
2x Shinjo Scouts
3x Hasty Evaluation
3x Dangerous Reconnaissance
2x Incapacitated
2x Strategic Strike
2x Feinting Position
2x Well-Scouted Target
2x Hidden Route
2x Burn the Towers
1x Rout
1x Final Duty
1x Ruthless Advance
1x Enticement
1x Determined Force
1x Training Maneuvers
1x Preparedness
1x The Height of Courage
1x Military Assessment

Romain De Ruyck – Battle Maidens

Utaku Plains

Dynasty Deck: 40
1x Daikoku’s Guidance
1x Shinjo’s Guidance
3x Border Village
3x Clan Estate
3x Stables
3x The Blessed Herd
1x Chugo Seido
1x Kitsune Den
1x Travelling Peddler
3x Ide Kin
3x Utaku Jin-Lao
3x Utaku Liu-Xeung
3x Utaku Kana
2x Moto Jeng-Yun
2x Utaku Toshie
1x Moto Chen Exp 3
1x Moto Jin-Sahn Exp
1x Shinjo Hwarang Exp
1x Shinjo Ki-Chang Exp
1x Shinjo Kodama
1x Utaku Fujiko Exp
1x Utaku Yu-Pan Exp 2

Fate Deck (40)
1x Ring of Air
1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of the Void
3x Determined Force
3x Downhill Assault
3x My Life is Yours
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Riding in Harmony
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x Sneak Attack
3x The Wind Never Stops
2x A False Accusation
2x Cavalry Tactics
2x Desperate Rush
2x Proper Deference
2x Reinforce the Gates
2x Superior Mobility
1x Do Not Turn Your Back!

3 thoughts on “Kotei Meta-Game: Lille, France

  1. Yeah, this was kind of the tournament which brought the issue to the forefront for a lot of people… Justified or not, when you see a mirror match in the finals of a Kotei, (let alone a Kotei big enough to cut to a top 16) people start to wonder if something is up.

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