Kotei Decklists: Phoenix The Last One (Vancouver Winner)

The all-Phoenix final saw Case Kiyonaga take the Vancouver Kotei with a The Last One deck out of City of Tears:

My Name Is The One


1 Shiba’s Guidance
1 Wisdom Gained
1 Festival of Drifting Souls
1 A New Year
1 Festival of Founding
1 Imperial Ambassadorship
1 The Loss of the Soul

3 Silver Mine
3 Rich Coffers
2 War Encampment
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Tsi Mokotsu
1 Limbs of Fudo
1 Head of Fudo
1 Belly of Fudo

2 Shiba Kosoku
3 Isawa Mizuhiko
3 Isawa Takashi
3 Isawa Shioki
2 Agasha Ueda
2 Isawa Yutako
1 Shiba Ningen
1 Isawa Ochiai
1 Isawa Kimi
1 Asako Bairei
1 Isawa Mizuhiko xp


2 Ritual of Binding
2 Obfuscation
2 Superior Mobility
3 The Last One
3 Balance in Water

1 The Kami’s Whisper
1 Rise Corrupted
2 Walking the Way
2 Scouring Flood
2 All Water Flows
2 Wrath of the Thunder
3 Consumption by Fire
3 Consumed by Five Fires
3 One with the World
3 Flow of the Elements
1 Might of the Kami

1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Water
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of the Void

Decklist also posted here.

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