L5R RPG Shows Up on Dice of Doom

There’s a little shout-out for the great design in the 3rd and 4th Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings RPG in the latest episode of the Dice of Doom roleplaying podcast.

If you hit up the Dice of Doom website, you might want to suggest L5R for “Play a New RPG Month”. Of course, if you already play the L5R RPG, that means you need to pick something different for your own gaming table’s new RPG.

One thought on “L5R RPG Shows Up on Dice of Doom

  1. I’ve been an L5R fan for a while now, and though it’s not mentioned on the “Play a New RPG Month” site, or planned for our gaming experiment at the moment, I’m still hopeful of sliding it in there somewhere!

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