Kotei Decklists: Double Dragon

Just another dose of well-placing Kotei decklists. For this one I’ll go back to the OK Kotei, for a Kensai deck I missed when doing the first Dragon roundup. Plus an Enlightenment deck I also missed before. There’s also an LSC deck that made T4 at the Hungary Kotei.

Stillwater TKM Kensai – 5th Place (originally posted here):

Tetsu Kama Mura
Inheriting an Heirloom
Crossing the Forbidden Sea
The New Order
Alter History
Plains of Resolution

Gold Mine x3
War Encampment x3
Oyo Seido x2
Tetsu Kama Mine x2
Imperial Artificer x2
Wooden Barricade x2
Chugo Seido

Mirumoto Dakotsu x3
Mirumoto Kondo x3
Mirumoto Mori x3
Mirumoto Satobe x3
Mirumoto Miyami x2
Mirumoto Hojatsu
Mirumoto Kenzo
Mirumoto Ayabe
Togashi Satsu
Tamori Shaiko
Kuronada XP
Hundred Fold Cut x3
Muscle and Steel x3
Fearless Defense x3
Swift Sword Cut x3
Unwavering Assault x3
Iainuki x3
1000 Cuts Technique x2
Justly Earned Victory x2
Proper Deference x2
The Thriving Light

Rising Sun Blade x3
Modifications x3
Blade of Guile x3
Yagimaki’s Fist
Heavenly Daisho of the Dragon
Awakened Blade
Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
Armor of the Ryu

Ring of Water

Pakomonk Enlightenment – T16 Barcelona Kotei (originally posted here):

Tetsu Kama Mua

1 Border Keep
1 Bamboo Harvester

Dynasty (40)

1 Togashi’s Guidance

Events (2)
1 Wisdom Gained
1 Claiming the Throne

Holdings (15)
3 Gold Mine
3 Debt Collector
2 Tsi Mokotsu
2 Famous baazar
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Chugo Seido
1 Public Records
1 Counting House
1 Expendable Ressources

Personalities (21)
3 Mirumoto Haru
3 Togashi Gato
3 Togashi Osawa
2 Mirumoto Eikaru
2 Mirumoto Bokusui
1 Tamori ochimo
1 Togashi Satsu -exp5
1 Mirumoto Ichizo -exp
1 Mirumoto Kei -exp2
1 Tamori Wotan -exp
1 Togashi Kazuki -exp
1 Togashi Nakahara
1 Togashi Shiori -exp

Regions (1)
1 Lightwater Bay

Fate (41)

Strategies (36)
3 Steel on Steel
3 Master the Body
3 Changing Paths
3 Deception Revealed
3 Shadow’s Talon
2 Cold Hands, Stone Hearts
2 Spinning Heel Kick
2 Dove Tattoo
2 Enough Talk
1 Impetuous Challenge
2 Deathly Aura
2 Hamstrung
2 Shameful Injury
2 Cowed by Wisdom
2 Balance in Water
2 Awed Witness

Rings (5)
1 Ring of Water
1 Ring of Air
1 Ring of Fire
1 Ring of Earth
1 Ring of the Void

Beke David LSC – T4, Budapest Kotei (originally posted here):

Last Step Castle


3x Gold Mine
3x My Father’s Shrine
1x Kitsune Den
2x Counting House
1x Deeds and Words
1x Barley Farm
2x Famous Bazaar

1x Festival of Cherry Blossom
1x Offered Gift
1x Ignoble Demise
1x Winter’s Embrace
1x Delayed Arrival

1x Holy Site
1x Well Defended Border

1x Mirumoto Ichizo xp
2x Mirumoto Meisetsu
2x Mirumoto Bokusui
2x Mirumoto Haru
1x Kitsuki Hanbei
2x Kitsuki Yukari
3x Kitsuki Yodo
2x Kitsuki Nakai
1x Kitsuki Taiko xp
2x Kitsuki Taiko
1x Mirumoto Shiki
1x Daigotsu Oki
1x Otomo Seimi
1x Togashi Satsu xp


3x Friendly Traveller Sake

3x Wall of Honor
3x Hamstrung
3x Impromptu Duel
3x Outer Walls
2x Subverse Influence
2x Claw and Shell
2x Steel on Steel
2x Impetous Challenge
1x Snow-Swept Summit
2x Weight the Cost
2x Prayer for Guidance
2x Restoring Order
2x Patrolling the Roads
2x Peaceful Discourse
2x Courtesy
2x Reinforce the Gates
2x Distraction in Court
1x The Thriving Light
1x The Fires of War

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