2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us

  1. A big Congratulations to all of you Strange Assemblers! Your work and insight is definitely appreciated and enjoyed! (Love the smile in the photo, too.)
    Keep it up!!!

  2. Surely they are Stranger Assemblies? I have not seen more strange, so the first part’s right. And they are but cogs in the giant moneymaking enterprise that is AEGs flagship product, so assemblies is probably close enough too ;-P

    And open comment congratulations on the first year as well (aside from my in-forum conga-rats). If in the next year you can improve as much as the recent jump in audio quality, well… I guess you’ll be giving every listener a free rare set from some future EE set or something. Bribery to say you’ve improved would work on me, yup! 😀

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