FL Decklists: Unicorn

The last of this initial sweep through the Forgotten Legacy decklists brings you some Unicorn.  We’re almost done with the FL environment, and on to Second City, but there are still tournies to play (and it’s still handy to know what was good in the prior environment in figuring out what you’ll see in a new one).  It may not be the last FL decklist post, since I might do another sweep through after the last FL tourney results are up.

Unicorn has been rocking the Utaku pretty hard lately, especially with the appearance of the Paragon keyword on Battle Maidens and the appearance of several ridiculous Paragon cards in Forgotten Legacy.  It’s definitely a deck you need to be prepared to face. Outsider Keep is still hanging around as well.

Battle Maidens – Bryan Murphy – St. Albert’s WC Winner

Utaku Plains
Border Keep Exp
Bamboo Harvesters


Shinjo’s Guidance

Festival of Founding

Well Defended Border

Holdings (12)
3x Stables
3x Clan Estate
3x The Blessed Herd
2x Colonial Harbour
1x Stolen Merchandise

Personalities (25):
3x Utaku Liu-Xeng
3x Utaku Ji-Yun
3x Utaku Eun-Ju
Utaku Yu-Pan Exp 2
Utaku Kohana Exp
3x Utaku Toshie
3x Utaku Jin-Lao
3x Utaku Kana
Utaku Fujiko
Moto Xiao Exp
Shinjo Ki-Chang Exp
Shinjo Hwarang XP
Moto Chen Exp 3


Strategies (39):
3x Force of Spirit
3x Cast Aside the Weak
3x Grateful Reward
3x Iron Will
3x The Wind Never Stops 15
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Heart of Darkness
3x A Yojimbo’s Duty
3x Riding in Harmony
2x The Sound of Thunder
2x Guided by Honor
2x Cost of Pride
2x Shameful and Cowardly
2x The Perfect Moment
Creating Order

Ring (1)
Ring of the Void


Battle Maidens – Justin Ownby – Charleston WC, T4

The Utaku Plains
Border Keep Exp.
Bamboo Harvesters

1x Shinjo’s Guidance
1x Alter History
1x Imperial Census
1x The War of Dark Fire
1x Plains of Resolution
3x The Blessed Herd
3x Stables
3x Clan Estate
1x Oyo Seido
1x Counting House
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Kitsune Den
1x Chugo Seido
1x Iuchi Katamari Xp.
1x Shinjo Ki-Chang Xp
1x Shinjo Kodama
1x Moto Chen Xp3
1x Utaku Yu-Pan Xp2
1x Utaku Fujiko Xp
1x Utaku Kohana Xp
3x Utaku Ji-Yun
2x Utaku Toshie
3x Utaku Eun-ju
3x Utaku Liu-Xeung
3x Utaku Jin-Lao

1x A Game of Dice
3x A Pure Heart
2x A Yojimbo’s Duty
3x Cast Aside the Weak
1x Creating Order
3x Desperate Rush
2x Determined Force
3x Force of Spirit
3x Grateful Reward
1x Honor Never Falls
3x Iron Will
3x Only Actions Speak
3x Riding in Harmony
3x Shameful and Cowardly
2x The Cost of Pride
3x The Wind Never Stops
1x Ring of Water
1x Ring of Void


Outsider Keep Tacticians/Blitz – KC Wong – Hamilton Name a Card 2nd Place

Outsider Keep
Bamboo Harvester
Border Keep Exp


1 Saibankan’s Justice
1 Daikoku’s Guidance
1 Jimen’s Decree

3 Colonial Harbor
2 The Blessed Herd
3 Stables
2 Ageless Shrine
3 War Encampment
1 Traveling Peddler

1 The Dark Naga
1 Tamago
1 Moto Chen (Exp 3)
1 Utaku Fujiko (Exp)
1 Utaku Tairu (Exp)
1 Moto Choon-yei
1 Shinjo Liu Ying
3 Utaku Byung
3 Utaku Tairu
3 Shinjo Hwarang
3 Shinjo Junpei
3 Utaku Ji-Yun


3 Dependable Gear
1 Heavenly Lance
2 Rising Sun Blade
1 Armor of the Ryu
1 Hunger
1 Chagatai’s Armor
1 Moto Kang’s Sword

3 The Cost of Pride
3 Heart of Darkness
2 Scouting Far Afield
2 Entranced Position
3 Justly Earned Victory
3 Thorough Preparations
2 Superior Mobility
2 A Yojimbo’s Duty
3 Inexorable Defeat
1 A Game of Dice
1 Creating Order
1 Ultimate Sacrifice
3 Forging Destiny

1 Ring of Water

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