Emperor Edition Distributor Sales Blurb

For those of you who don’t check every forum thread or every online distributor website, the sales blurb for the Emperor Edition starter decks brings some new info (the blurb for the booster boxes is the same, just without the information on the starter deck contents):

“Emperor Edition is the new base set for the Legend of the Five Rings Collectible Card Game. There are 428 different cards to collect, helping players create the deck they want to play for any of the 38 themes in Emperor Edition. Emperor Edition brings about the start of a new era – the Age of Conquest – and its impact across the entire Emerald Empire. Each starter deck includes everything players need to get started in L5R, including 90 playable cards plus 1 Before the Dawn booster pack, 1 Second City booster pack, and 1 Emperor Edition booster pack.”

The starter decks (fat packs?) will retail for $25.

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