BtD Kotei Deck Roundup

Just another decklist roundup. All of these are from the three weekends of Kotei that were BtD legal.

Crane Embassy Honor – Rixson – 2nd Place Kansas City Kotei



Doji Domotai
Kakita Noritoshi
Kakita Aichiko
Asahina Beniha
Kakita Munemori
Doji Ayano
Daigotsu Oki
Kakita Kensho-in
Doji Hakuseki
Kakita Hideo xp
3x Kakita Hideo
3x Doji Kado
3x Doji Shikishi
3x Kakita Yosuga

3x Marketplace
3x Dockside Market
3x Acrobat Troupe
3x Family Shrine
2x Counting House
Traveling Peddler
Kitsune Den

Jimen’s Decree
Doji’s Guidance


3x Steel on Steel
3x Impetuous Challenge
3x Awed Witness
3x Impromptu Duel
3x Imperial Adjudication
3x Peaceful Discourse
3x Shadow’s Talon
3x Hamstrung
3x Forging Destiny
3x Wall of Honor
3x Claw and Shell
3x Outer Walls
2x Rocky Terrain
Relentless Assault
Ultimate Sacrifice

Ring of Fire

Dario Perri Crane Dishonor sans Gisei – Winner – Iceland Kotei

1 Embassy of the Crane

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (1)
1 The War of Dark Fire

# Celestials (2)
1 Doji’s Guidance
1 Void Dragon’s Guidance (might go out for Well-Defended Border. Its nice but not 100% needed.)

# Holdings (14)
1 Stolen Merchandise
2 Counting House
2 Traveling Peddler
3 Marketplace
3 Dockside Market
2 Corrupt Officials
1 Kitsune Den

# Personalities (23)
3 Doji Nukada
3 Doji Shikishi
3 Kakita Yosuga
3 Doji Senta
1 Yogo Kazunori
2 Bayushi Jutsushi
1 Otomo Seimi
2 Doji Nenkai
1 Asahina Ekei – exp (never brought out. Not sure what to replace it with)
1 Asahina Okimoto
3 Doji Hatashi

# Fate (41)

# Strategies (36)
3 Deceit and Subterfuge
3 Destructive Priorities (Broken)
3 Favors
3 Taxing the Scum
3 Veiled Menace
3 Legendary Feud
3 Pull the String
3 Only Actions Speak
3 Favor of Artisans
3 Game of Sincerity
3 Shame Never Dies
3 The Shadow Court

# Items (4)
1 Ancient Tome
3 Writ of Reprimand

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of the Void

Mike Petke Enlightenment – Winner – SLC Kotei

Pillars of Virtue/BK/BH


Togashi’s Guidance

Claiming the Throne
Crossing the Forbidden Sea
Imperial Census
Wisdom Gained

Gold Mine x3
Temple of Redemption x3
Recruitment Officer x3
Traveling Peddler
Counting House
Chugo Seido
Expendable Resources
Stolen Merchandise

Mirumoto Haru x3
Togashi Gato x3
Togashi Kanmu x3
Togashi Kyoshi x3
Mirumoto Hojatsu
Togashi Nakahara
Mirumoto Ichizo (Exp)
Mirumoto Yozo (Exp)
Tamori Wotan (Exp)
Togashi Kazuki (Exp)
Togashi Shiori (Exp)
Mirumoto Kenzo (Exp 2)
Togashi Satsu (Exp 5)

Awed Witness x2
Balance in Water x3
Changing Paths x3
Cold Hands, Stone Heart x2
Cowed by Wisdom x3
Deathly Aura x2
Deception Revealed x3
Dove Tattoo x3
Fall Back! x2
Imperial Command x2
Master the Body x2
Shadow’s Talon x2
Stare Into the Void
Steel on Steel x2
String of Victories x2
The World Disappears

Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

Aaron Barto Shamate – Winner – Grove City Kotei

Shamate Keep


Akodo’s Guidance
Alter History
Imperial Census

3 Copper Mine
3 Famous Bazaar
3 Fortified Docks
3 Dockside Market
Traveling Peddler
Kitsune Den
Chugo Seido

3 Matsu Nishijo
3 Matsu Shunran
3 Matsu Youko
3 Matsu Kasei
3 Matsu Kihihara
Akodo Shigetoshi
Akodo Ryozo
Akodo Tsudoken
Akodo Kobi
Ikoma Hagio
Matsu Fumiyo
Matsu Mikura


3 Iron Will
3 Force of Spirit
3 Claw and Shell
2 Guided by Honor
2 Beloved of the Clan
3 My Life Is Yours
2 Rout
2 Final Duty
3 Cost of Pride
3 Desperate Rush
3 Shameful and Cowardly
3 Determined Force
2 Justly Earned Victory
2 Will
2 Scouting Far Afield
Ring of Water
De Bellis Yoditorum

Chris Dornan ToP Honor – T8 – SLC Kotei

Temple of Purity

Dynasty (40)

Regions (1)
1x Well Defended Border

Events (2)
1x Last Line of Defense
1x Winter’s Embrace

Celestials (1)
1x Ebisu’s Honesty

Holdings (15)
1x Border Village
1x Counting House
1x Kitsune Den
3x My Father’s Shrine
1x Shrine to Hotei
3x Silver Mine
3x Temples to Shinsei
1x Traveling Peddler
1x Tsi Mokotsu

Personalities (21)
2x Asako Heiwa
3x Asako Hitsuko
3x Asako Izuna
3x Asako Mokichi
3x Asako Serizawa
3x Isawa Kumai
1x Isawa Kumai xp
1x Isawa Mitsuko
1x Isawa Mizuhiko xp
1x Isawa Sakonoko

Fate (41)

Spells (5)
3x Seek the Stain
2x The Kami’s Whispers

Strategies (36)
3x Advanced Spellcraft
3x Distractions in Court
3x Forging Destiny
1x Only Actions Speak
3x Patrolling the Roads
3x Peaceful Discourse
3x Proper Deference
3x Rain of Justice
2x Stolen Property
3x Test of Sincerity
1x The Fires of War
3x Unimpeachable Name
3x Unstoppable Power
2x Wall of Honor

Tan Ahmed SoC Enlightenment -T8 – SLC Kotei

Shrine of Champions

Other (5):
2x Private Shrine
1x Shiba’s Guidance
1x Wisdom Gained

Holdings (16):
1x Counting House
2x My Father’s Shrine
2x Oyo Seido
2x Recruitment Officer
1x Stolen Merchandise
3x Seiden Sanzo
3x Silver Mine
2x Traveling Peddler

Personalities (20):
3x Agasha Kamarou
1x Asako Bairei
2x Isawa Kaname
1x Isawa Kumai
1x Isawa Mitsuko
2x Isawa Mizuhiko
1x Isawa Mizuhiko (exp)
1x Isawa Ochiai
3x Isawa Takino
2x Isawa Yutako
1x Shiba Ningen
2x Shiba Kosoku

Rings (5):
Ring of Air
Ring of Earth
Ring of Fire
Ring of the Void
Ring of Water

Strategies (Non-Kiho) (16):
3x Cowed by Wisdom
3x Deceoption Revealed
2x Hamstrung
2x Final Sacrifice
2x Shameful Injury
2x String of Victories
2x Testament of Fire

Kihos (11):
2x Dance of the Winds
3x Changing Paths
3x Knowledge from Within
3x Master the Body

Spells (8):
2x Flow of the Elements
2x One with the World
1x Seeking the Path
3x Walking the Way

James Baker FotW Commanders – T8 – SLC

Field of the Winds


Wartime Allies
Ebisu’s Honesty

Moto Xiao x1
Shinjo Ki-Chang exp x1
Shinjo Kodama x1
Shinjo Hwarang exp x1
Moto Chen x1
Utaku Fujiko x1
Moto Jin-sahn x1
Shinjo Dong-Min x3
Shinjo Ki-Chang x3
Shinjo Hwarang x3
Ide Kin x3
Moto Hailung x3

Wooden Baricade x3
The Blessed Herd x3
Stables x3
Stolen Merchandise x1
Newly Discovered Mine x3
Traveling Peddler x1

Senseki Province x2

Moto Hunters x3
Khol Regulars x3
Mounted Support x3
Snow Riders x2
Cavalry for Hire x2

Retribution x3
Strength of Will x3
Sneak Attack x3
Unwavering Assault x3
The Height of Courage x3
Conscript Troops x3
Superior Mobility x2
Winter Siege x2
Justly Earned Victory x2
Overpowering Assault x2
Do Not Turn Your Back x1

Chris Chang Battle Maidens – T8 – San Jose Kotei

Utaku Plains


The Blessed Herd 2x
Stables 3x
Clan Estate 3x
Traveling Peddler
Public Records
Chugo Seido
Counting House
Expendable Resources

Shinjo’s Guidance
Well- Defended Border

Utaku Kohana exp
Utaku Fujiko
Moto Jin-Sahn
)Utaku Yu-Pan
Moto Chen
Shinjo Kodama
Utaku Kohana
3x Utaku Jin-Lao
3x Utaku Liu-Xeung
3x Utaku Toshie
3x Utaku Tayoi
1x Utaku Hana
3x Utaku Yanai


3x Wall of Honor
3x Cavalry Tactics
3x Low Stance
3x Vigorous Sparring
3x Riding in Harmony
3x Downhill Assault
3x My Life is Yours
3x Desperate Rush
3x Overwhelming Pressure
2x Reckless Rush
2x Cost of Pride
2x Revenge
2x The Wind Never Stops
2x Rocky Terrain
1x Reinforced the Gates
1x The Thriving Light
1x Scouting Far Afield
1x Prepardness

KC Wong OKC – Winner – New Zealand Kotei

Outsider Keep
Bamboo Harvester/Border Keep

Dynasty (40):

1 Shinjo’s Guidance
1 Daikoku’s Guidance

3 The Blessed Herd
3 Stables
3 Wooden Barricades
2 War Encampment
2 Clan Estate
1 Traveling Peddler
1 Chugo Seido

1 Tamago
1 Hida Yaheiko (Exp)
1 Moto Chen (Exp 3)
1 Utaku Fujiko (Exp)
1 Utaku Tairu (Exp)
1 Moto Choon-yei
1 Shinjo Ki-Chang (Exp)
1 Shinjo Liu Ying
1 Utaku Kohana (Exp)
3 Utaku Byung
3 Utaku Tairu
3 Moto Jeng-Yun
3 Shinjo Hwarang
2 Shinjo Yamauchi

Fate (40):

3 Dependable Gear
1 Heavenly Lance
2 Rising Sun Blade
1 Armor of the Ryu
1 Fifth Wind Cavalry
1 Hunger
1 Chagatai’s Armor

3 Claw and Shell
1 Subtle Sting
1 Ultimate Sacrifice
3 The Cost of Pride
2 Rout
2 Sneak Attack
3 Justly Earned Victory
3 Thorough Preparations
3 Superior Mobility
2 Subversive Influence
3 Inexorable Defeat
1 Beloved of the Clan
2 Fall Back

1 Ring of Water

3 thoughts on “BtD Kotei Deck Roundup

  1. it’s really good to see Fields of the Wind get some love from the Unicorn players and some validation in a good performance.

  2. I’m more pleased to see that there is strong performance to be had out of three of the Unicorn SHs. Its a shame that MWK hasn’t lived up to even the meagre expectations placed on it. Something went seriously wrong with that box, sadly. If Uni get a scout theme in EE I hope that any supporting SH they get for it is a little better (more like KHExp, perhaps?).

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