Episode 076 – Torn Asunder

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. Chris, Jay, Justin, and Mike discuss notable cards from the rest of the Torn Asunder expansion, including gameplay, design, art and story. The crew also goes into why L5R is not going to change from a CCG model any time soon.

Strange Assembly – Episode 076 – Torn Asunder

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4 thoughts on “Episode 076 – Torn Asunder

  1. A lot of the characters on Improper Papers kind of look like kanji if you squint. Like I think I see 炭 in there like three times, and that could be 夏 near the middle. But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t actually say anything.

  2. Some of it’s kanji, some of it’s hiragana. Really, it’s just a mess of random Japanese characters. There’s a few recognizable characters here and there, but as a whole, it’s just gibberish.

  3. Kokure’s Lands, is a reference to Mirumoto Kokure. Mirumoto Kokure shows up as a character in the Second City campaign included in the box set. 🙂

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