Providence By Night – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Session 1)

Welcome to Providence by Night, memorializing our tabletop Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle, which focuses on the unlives of several new (in some cases, very new) vampires. You can look for new recaps and interludes every Wednesday. The full Providence by Night chronicle can be found at its own permanent page, which will be updated in future weeks. But for now, enjoy Session 1 – The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, wherein (most) of our intrepid characters first meet.

Session 1 – “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” – Late Summer 2014

Rogue Tremere Spencer Mobia arrived in Rhode Island with his entourage of vaporwave buddies from California and set up shop at a beach house in the resort town of Newport.  He arranged a meeting with the Warwick branch of the Rhode Island Chantry and was kept waiting by Tremere Primogen John Reiss. Reiss, weighing the worth of Spencer’s supernatural skill versus his outsider status, had him inspect a pewter cup.  With his power of perception, Spencer was privy to the living history of the cup: its use by the Chantry in rituals, the myriad of Blood Bonds it facilitated, its voyage across sea and land back to the mysterious domains of Austria. Spencer looked down to see the cup filled with blood and drank deeply of it.

Tony Castiglionni had made significant improvements on his haven, most noticeably increasing the thread count of his blackout curtains. He received word that his fellow Nosferatu were meeting in the Warrens beneath the sunken remains of Providence’s The Modern Theatre and made the now-familiar trek out to his new gathering spot, blissfully unaware of the horrors stalking him in the night. “You have done well, Anthony.  Our family will profit greatly from your endeavors. It is time for you to join the greater society of the Camarilla and be your own man in this fraternity of ours.” Mr. Densch’s words were a comfort to Tony. He was finally part of a clique like he always wished to be. In true Italian fashion, Tony was going to be Made.

Two figures muscled their way into Nathan Frost’s apartment. One of them, sporting a heavy Mexican accent, introduced himself as Don Coyote – someone’s deputy-something. The other figure, a dorky guy wearing thick horn-rimmed glasses despite having perfect vision, was Tex. He introduced himself as something called a Brew-ha. The two took Nathan on a ride to the Riverside on a pair of Harley Davidsons, which ended with Nathan draining a sleeping vagrant of his life, prompting the P.I. to be wracked with pangs of guilt. Tex (poorly) explained the rules of being a vampire to Nathan and told him that on Friday night he must present himself before a Prince and ask permission to live in a city where he’s lived his whole life, or forfeit himself.

The night in question arrived. Tony conducted an early reconnoiter of what he learned was called Elysium in Kindred society and was blown away by the opulence of Providence’s historic Biltmore Hotel. Nathan sat at the bar of the adjacent steakhouse and took stock of those who entered the vampire neutral ground. Spencer bumbled past the ghouled doormen and eventually took the elevator to the top floor where a banner hung outside the Grand Ballroom proclaimed, “Happy Graduation, Anthony!”  Tony and his broodmates ascended a ladder through the sewer into the Biltmore’s adjacent parking garage. The family arrived together as Densch’s words echoed in Tony’s mind: “Tonight is all about you.”  Nathan decided to explore the hotel instead of proceeding directly to the Grand Ballroom, and was accosted by a fierce-looking Nordic woman with a sharpened longsword. “You! Who?” she demanded in broken English. Nathan tried to explain, but the Sheriff was having no part of it. She dragged him to court, the ruckus interrupting the night’s torch singer.

In the ballroom, Tony made small talk with a pair of Toreador: Patrick, who wanted nothing to do with him, and Allison, who wouldn’t shut up. Spencer caught the attention of John Reiss, but the warlock scorned Spencers efforts at polite conversation. Nathan was rescued from Tatyana’s wrath by Don Coyote.

Attention turned to a raised dais, upon which were seated Kindred of apparent import: the Nosferatu Seneschal Gregor, a young-looking Scottish woman named Caoimhe, and a dark-skinned vampire seated upon a Gothic throne carved to resemble a gargoyle. The Prince of Providence spoke and a sense of awe washed over the room. “Old business first. A reminder to stay off Benefit Street. And finally, we are here to welcome new Kindred to our fair city….” The three fledglings stepped forward. Tony awkwardly introduced himself. He was followed by Spencer, who failed to keep his inner monologue to himself, broadcasting his thoughts to the assembled court. Once the laughter died down, Nathan approached, but was overtaken by a beautiful woman. Her upstaging of the presentations was outshone by her brash words. “Jerome, whatever have you done with my city?!” The Prince called Gregor and Tatyana to him and the three, along with the newcomer, left for a private discussion. Caoimhe took the floor and Nathan pondered if perhaps he should have gone earlier with his introduction.

End Session 1

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