Preview – Noble Sacrifice (L5R LCG Core Set)

As you may recall from Episode 214, we aren’t going to have an episode this week to give you a quick reaction to the Crane design article that FFG will be posting tomorrow. So instead you’ll have to settle for a quick preview – Noble Sacrifice.


We’ve heard before that the Crane like to boost their characters to Honored status, and Noble Sacrifice is one of the things they can do once in that status. The dream situation for Noble Sacrifice would be to sacrifice a cheap, bowed character with no fate on board in order to kill an enemy Unique characters with attachments and lots of fate. And, if I’m getting my LCG rules right, with no rules of presence or location, this can be used out of a conflict or in a conflict, and even when in a conflict can hit characters anywhere. That sort of dream scenario may not happen a lot, but your opponent will have to live in fear of it, allowing Noble Sacrifice to affect the game before you even play it.

At two influence, Noble Sacrifice could be feasible to run out-of-clan. However, my guess is that the viability of that strategy will depend on how reliably non-Crane Clans will be able to both honor their own characters and dishonor enemy characters (the Scorpion will presumably be able to do the latter, but may have  a hard time with the former). Ring of Fire provides a jump start to meeting this need, but I’m guessing won’t be enough on its own.


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