Preview – Niten Adept (L5R LCG Core Set)

In Legend of the Five Rings, the Mirumoto have always been one of the families most recognized for the weapons they use. In part that recognition is because the family’s distinctive weapon style (known as niten) – using both the katana and the wakizashi in combat (the wakizashi is typically a ceremonial weapon that is never drawn) – is applicable in both skirmishes and duels.

In the latter days of the L5R CCG, this thematic element – combined with a renewed push to make attachments relevant – resulted in the introduction of Dragon Clan Kensai (weapon masters) as an ongoing deckbuilding theme. These personalities focused on equipping weapon cards, sometimes with less explicit synergies (such as abilities based on the personality’s force), and sometimes with explicit requirements (such as abilities that required bowing a weapon).

It would seem that thematic element of the Dragon Clan will still be around in the new Legend of the Five Rings LCG, with our Dragon Clan preview card for today, the Niten Adept.

Of course, attachments are a much broader concept in the L5R LCG, and the Niten Adept may well be bowing an ornate fan or a philosophy. But we’ll all know that’s just a cover for the deadly two-sword style he’s hiding under that fashionable kimono.


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