2016/2017 Game of the Year Awards

It’s Strange Assembly Game of the Year time again. Every year, at the end of the year, we look our favorite games that came out that year, and award a Preliminary Game of the Year award. However, there’s no way we could come close to playing enough relevant games by the end of a calendar year, especially given how back-loaded the release schedule can be (think of all those hot new games that come out at Gen Con and Essen Spiel). So we don’t award the final GotY award for a year until the end of the next year (note: this may change next year, with us joining everyone else in handing out Game of the Year designations the following summer). So here we’re looking at the final Game of the Year award for 2016, and the preliminary award for 2017.

For the first time, we’ve had total stability at the top going from the 2016 Preliminary GotY to the final GotY awards, with the winner and runner-up not changing:



Given the origins of this website/podcast, our 2017 Preliminary Game of the Year will come as no surprise:



Prior final Game of the Year winners were:

You can see prior winners and runners-up (final and preliminary) for past years here.



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