Preview – For Such a Time as This (Doomtown Reloaded: Nightmare at Noon)

DT_SB6_Cards_For Such A Time As This_High Res-66Howdy folks, and welcome to another Doomtown Reloaded Preview! This time we have For Such A Time as This, a Miracle from the upcoming saddlebag Nightmare at High Noon.

So, first up this is a miracle which means it’s pretty much a Law Dogs card for right now. While I haven’t seen the miracle decks making that big of a splash thus far, this seems like exactly the type of card they need – not only does it enable you to fetch a dude when you need them, but it’s giving them the boost of influence, a very powerful add to most dudes. At Jack rank it’s a good fit for any skill deck, letting you make your skill checks most of the time.

As to the downsides: firstly this is a job – one which targets town square. Meaning your opponent will almost assuredly contest your acquisition. The very similar Recruitment Drive doesn’t see much play these days, after all. (However being able to fetch from deck means this is much more powerful than the limited discard pile only) The other down side is that it’s a one shot (barring Whatley Estate) though this is limited in that you’d likely only pull off the job a few times in a game anyway.

In all I would expect this to see play in a Shootin’ Miracle deck should such a thing materialize. For now it’ll likely be waiting for its moment to shine, should it come.

Happy trails, Pardner!

(Esther 4:14 – ed.)

One thought on “Preview – For Such a Time as This (Doomtown Reloaded: Nightmare at Noon)

  1. This card seems like its going to make your deck construction kind of awkward to make it work. Basically, if you have an on-value dude, then their value usually isn’t good enough to pull them. (For example, if Rev. Perry pulls a 9, you don’t get to fish out a Wendy.) So if you’re running something like 9-10-J you’re probably going to need some 6 or 7 value dudes in the deck if you don’t want the spell to whiff if you pull a 9. And this is ignoring the fact that the Miracle itself removes itself from your deck when you use it, so you might not want to run it on value either.

    The best uses I can think of this are really narrow, or require some super-strange deck construction:

    – If your deck MUST draw a specific dude to get working then this makes sense… But what dude is it that you’re not willing to start, but you ARE willing to build your deck around fishing them out with this miracle?
    – Running a bunch of high value cards and 1 copy each of toolbox dudes makes sense… But what dudes are there who are so narrow that this makes sense?
    – Maybe the best use I see so far is to run a lower-value miracle deck with stuff like Holy Roller, since lower value dudes are more likely to have low enough grit that Perry can get them if he pulls their value. Then you get to fish out cheap dudes and give them a permanent influence.

    Or maybe the best idea is to just play it in a typical miracle deck, throwing in a couple of low-value dudes and just accept that sometimes, lower pulls will just whiff and you can’t get anything. I dunno, I don’t see much Recruitment Drive around, and I don’t expect to see much of this card either.

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