Preview – Bio-Charged Neutralizer (Doomtown Reloaded: Faith and Fear)

Bio-ChargedNeutralizerHowdy there cowpokes. Welcome to the ranch! I reckon I know what you’re here for and here it is, our final preview out of Faith and Fear: Bio-Charged Neutralizer. This here’s a gadget for them overly happy scientists to be inventin’ and boy-howdy does it pack a wallop.


This is a difficulty 9 gadget, which means it’s not so easy to invent. Luckily it itself is a queen making it fit nicely into a high value inventin’ deck. This is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in the game: it has a +2 bullet bonus, which is the most any weapon has, *and* it makes your dude a stud. The only real drawback is it can’t be moved off of your scientist – once they make one of these they gotta keep it. Meaning you’ll need multiple scientists to take advantage of multiple neutralizers.

As far as I know the Mad Scientist deck hasn’t yet crystallized, but this just might be the oomph it needs, to really make your Mad Scientist into a shooter. What it really needs is a high bullet draw Mad Scientist to strap it onto, especially if they can be in your starting party, and then you’ll see this making a large impact on the game. Until then it’s likely to be a strong card in Mad Scientist decks going forward.

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So, who you gonna call? Mad Scientists!

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