Preview – My Lord’s Favor and Counting House (Ivory Edition)

Two more Ivory Edition previews for you today. Well, one and a half, anyway. Also, before you read about the cards, don’t forget that the Ivory Championships are in Atlanta this weekend – stop by and meet all of your favorite (or not so favorite) Strange Assembly folks!

Anyhow, I say half of a preview because, as you know if you’ve been using our Ivory Edition checklist, our first preview has already been out there from another source for a while:


So, yeah, that still looks pretty good. What about the other preview?

Ivory_Edition_Final-328Hey, this one’s new! Well, new to this preview cycle, anyway, since it was around in Emperor Edition. Of course, in Emperor Edition you had a mess of ways to Battle/Straighten a unit at no cost, so you certainly weren’t going to spend a use of the Imperial Favor to do it. Also, having the Favor a lot would probably have meant you were playing Crane, and that was mostly just a bad idea in Emperor.

Although I don’t except enlightenment to be tournament viable any time in the near future, I can’t help but note that My Lord’s Favor could be handy for getting out the new Ring of Air. You need to be able to grab the Favor more than once in a turn, and My Lord’s Favor helps with that. You need to be able to take multiple Favor actions in one turn, and My Lord’s Favor helps with that too. Plus it’s a 4FV so it keeps your deck in the running to win those duels you need for Ring of Fire.


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