Preview – Flashy Technique (Ivory Edition)

Well, if the preview earlier this morning was less than exciting, perhaps this one will make up for it:


With the increased importance of Force, Flashy Technique could provide a pretty handy penalty – and you don’t even have to show up for it to take effect. It’s also a broad defense, which could combine well with dueling’s usually superior ability to handle individual larger units. As a defensive card with an honor-gaining focus effect and 4FV, it could be a natural fit for Crane dueling honor decks.

3 thoughts on “Preview – Flashy Technique (Ivory Edition)

  1. If people try to focus again against dueling decks, yes, it might be interesting. I doubt they will be that silly though. Still, it is a good crowd control card. But I don’t think Cranes will get its honor any time soon.

  2. One of the biggest action phase duels, Demonstrating Technique, requires one focus so this is a perfect time to play it. It has so many purposes it is good for battle or dueling. Definitely a 3 of in my Crane dueling.

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