Preview – Dr. Emanuel Ashbel (Doomtown Reloaded)

Hello, this week we have a new preview from the upcoming Doomtown: Reloaded set Double Dealin! Dr. Emanuel Ashbel.

SA-DrAshbelNow, Dr Emanuel is an interesting addition to the game. We’ve previously seen a similar ability in Arnold McCadish, reducing the penalty for losing a shootout. And given how often Morgan has their dudes aced instead of discarded in the current landslide decks, the good doctor seems much more useful to them.

Further, 3 influence is a *really* large amount for one dude, and this is the cheapest base cost we’ve seen for it before. That said the 2 upkeep is a very large amount and probably going to completely disqualify him from starting posses. Sure, it doesn’t preclude, but for most decks that’s all the upkeep they want for their starting posse taken by one dude. Given how much of a lightning rod he’s apt to be, it seems unwise to put all your starting assets into such a large basket.

The last thought I have on him is his value: 5 is not really an in value for Morgan right now, especially a Morgan deck that’s interested in Mad Science! but he’s certainly powerful enough to warrant a two of off slot in most Morgan decks I would think. And while his ability is very powerful, he’s really not worth 5 upkeep for out of faction decks :O

In sum, I fully expect to see him crop up in Morgan fairly often. Landslide can use him to keep their assets for later in the game, while run and gun decks (once they mature enough to be viable) can use him to mitigate any losses they take.

A+, would get healin’ from again.


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