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Another “now on kickstarter” post, another set of games (or other sundry items) you might want to check out on Kickstarter these days. Four offerings for you today:


Steampunk Rally: You see this picture above? I love this picture. I opened this Kickstarter and, while I had no idea what this was really showing me, immediately made me want to play this game, which apparently involve building some sort of crazy racing machine, and then putting dice on it. And then I think removing the dice to zoom yourself around the board (or power shields, or whatever else you have at your fingertips. You can build a focused efficient thing … but how could you resist building some hilariously vast steampunk monstrosity? Steampunk Rally is $49 for the game, is already funded, and has about three weeks to go.


Raid & Trade: Raid & Trade puts the players as scavengers in a post-apocalyptic world with the ultimate goal of proving yourself somewhat more useful than the other scavengers, thus earning a golden ticket to one of the walled cities that sit apart from the blasted landscape where you reside. Players will search for resources, raid buildings, craft items, develop skills, and attack each other, all in hopes of earning the attention of those in the city by being skilled enough, completing enough quests, or gathering enough favor points. Raid & Trade comes with five characters with distinct strengths, and miniatures to represent them. The game is currently a few thousand short of its funding goal with almost four weeks left, and it’s $50 to back.


Omen: A Reign of War: Omen is a two-player only game set in ancient Greece – each player is a son of Zeus, and you are battling to conquer all of Greece. Omen came out in 2011 and although it has pretty good ratings on BoardGameGeek, it did not attract a lot of widespread attention. In the meantime it had a number of small expansions, and the Kickstarter for the Omega Edition of the game adds all of these in. The basic version of the game (plus stretch goals) is only $17, with a $24 version available if you want metal coins and a fancy box.


Keyflower the Merchants: I’m not going to spend a ton of time on this one because it’s an expansion, but Keyflower’s pretty good, and (shock) this is an expansion for it. You can get the Merchants expansion with or without the base game and the prior expansion (the Farmers). Just the expansion is $35, there’s a week and a half left, and it’s funded because the project has some nonsense $100 funding goal to begin with (I mean, it would have funded regardless of what sensible funding goal it had, but the $100 just looks silly).

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