Now on Kickstarter #5

We’re a bit busy here with Ivory Edition, so this Kickstarter shout-out will be a bit shorter than usual, but here are some tabletop gaming Kickstarters ending in the next few days or weeks that you might want to take a look at:


Police Precinct, 2nd Edition: Police Precinct is a cooperative or semi-cooperative game (you can also play with the possibility of a corrupt cop) in which the players are police officers attempting to solve a murder while also maintaining order on the streets. It earned some high praise for its gameplay, but was not exactly lauded for a great rulebook or high production quality. Well, now that the first edition is basically sold out, its back for a second edition with a better rulebook, improved components, and more options. Pledging for the base game starts at $50, and another $19 will get you a variety of expansions and promos and add-ons on top of that.


Fresco Big Box: Queen Games has sort of started using Kickstarter as a pre-order system, which is what this is. As you might guess from the “Big Box” title, it’s Fresco and all the expansions. $70 for your pre-order.


Weekend in Rokugan 2014: This Kickstarter is not for a game, but rather for the Weekend in Rokugan convention in Kansas in March. Weekend in Rokugan is a three-day convention for Heroes of Rokugan, the long-running living campaign for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG. Sadly, the $1000 levels that got you a custom costume (LARPing is available for Heroes of Rokugan) are long gone, but $25 will get you a full pass to the convention.


City of Iron: Experts and Engines: You may recall City of Iron as the 2013 game that got shorted in Episode 122 because I decided that after 13 reviews, even short ones, I just didn’t have enough brainspace left to talk about. City of Iron puts each player in control of their own city, which will then build itself up and conquer others while producing goods and earning those sweet, sweet victory points. This Kickstarter is for an expansion for the game. Experts and Engines ads steambots, pirates, and zeppelins to its unique blend of magic and technology. A pledge for the base game and the expansion, with free shipping, is $70.

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