Ivory Championships Results

The Ivory Championships for the Legend of the Five Rings CCG were held at The Wasteland Gaming in Atlanta yesterday, brought to you by the gang here at Strange Assembly, with myself, Jay Earle and Mike Cook as the three-man tournament staff.

We had 40 players:

Crab 7
Crane 3
Dragon 5
Lion 2
Mantis 6
Phoenix 5
Scorpion 4
Spider 2
Unicorn 5
Unaligned (FotM Oni) 1

T8 after Swiss:
Mike Wellman – Dragon Kensai
James Donnithorne-Tait – Lion Paragons+
David La – Phoenix chi-death
David Hayes – Lion Paragons+
Stephen Franklin -Scorpion dishonor w/ chi-death
Chris Martin – Crab Yasuki dishonor
Chris Handy – Unicorn Battle Maidens
Luke Gregory – Tamori honor

Because the new Floor Rules aren’t in effect, we continued our practice of awarding top of clan after the swiss rounds. Tops of Clan were:

T4 at the Ivory ChampionshipsCrab – Chris Martin
Crane – Will Gentry
Dragon – Mike Wellman
Lion – James Donnithorne-Tait
Mantis – Daniel Habes
Phoenix – David La
Scorpion – Stephen Franklin
Spider – Terrin Scott
Unicorn – Chris Handy
Unaligned – Kevin Mohajerin

Gregory def. Wellman 2-0
Frankling def. Hayes 2-0
Donnithorne-Tait def. Handy 2-0
La def. Martin 2-1

Franklin def. Gregory 2-1
Donnithorne-Tait def. La 2-0

Franklin def. Donnithorne-Tait 2-1

Congratulations to Stephen Franklin on winning the Ivory Championships for the 2013-14 Winter Court season! Stephen chose Bayushi Shizuka (Winter Court 3 Scorpion delegation head and the Soul of the much-loathed/loved – depending on which side of the table she was on – Bayushi Saya) to become the second-in-command for the Ivory Champion, Shinjo Tselu (as always, this choice is subject to story team approval).

Thanks to everyone who turned out and traveled down for the almost-last Emperor-legal event (Ruby Championships next weekend will have one day of Emperor-legal play). I really didn’t know how the attendance was going to turn out, but it was very gratifying to have the only 2013 Kotei that didn’t see a drop in attendance followed by our biggest Atlanta-area Winter Court event ever. Now we just have to keep up the track record for Kotei Atlanta 2014 (which will held at The Wasteland Gaming on March 15, 2014)!

In addition to seeing some mainstays of the scene show up for a last crack at EE, it was also nice to see some returning players show up for a taste of EE because they’re getting back in with Ivory, and brand new players who were getting their first L5R tournament experience in preparation for Ivory Edition (including, I think, a couple of folks who had first heard about L5R through Strange Assembly). I know we’re not the only Kotei on March 15 in the U.S., so I know that some of the attendees here won’t be back for our Kotei, but I hope to see as many of you again as possible!

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