Episode 126 – Renewal

The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. The Strange Assembly crew talks about recent developments in L5R – bans, story and story team news, and Kotei season storyline – plus ruminations on the Ivory Edition environment.

Strange Assembly – Episode 126 – Renewal


Clarification: During the course of the episode, we managed to get into an unplanned tangent about the Foo Rule, and I mention a “Hunter of Nagas” card that had “is not a Naga” language so that he didn’t count as a Naga. That isn’t exactly correct. The card isn’t actually titled Hunter of Nagas or Naga Hunter, the card’s title is Mikaru, and Hunter of Nagas was a keyword (which, pursuant to the Foo Rule at the time, made him a Hunter and a Naga). And his card didn’t actually say that he wasn’t a Naga, it got errata to add the text that he wasn’t a Naga.

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