Dice Tower Awards and Origins Awards Announced

OK, OK, the 2014 Origins Awards announcement is getting a bit stale, but the 2013 Dice Tower awards announcement is brand new (the Origins awards are named for the year they’re given out in, but both are awards for games from 2013). You can check here for the pertinent Origins awards nominees and here for the pertinent Dice Tower awards nominees. Below are some of the awards of note (at least to me). You should also check out the full winner lists for the Dice Tower Awards and Origins Awards.

2014 Origins Awards

Best RPG – Numenera (Monte Cook Games, designed by Monte Cook) – This was a pretty great book; check out our review for more.

Best Board Game – Trains (AEG, designed by Hisashi Hayashi) – Dominion with a board game element, to be very brief. I agree that this was one of the best games of 2013. To be less brief, read our review. Or listen to one.

Best Traditional Card Game – Love Letter (AEG, designed by Seiji Kanai) – Surely I’ve talked enough about how much I adore Love Letter? Now available in four different versions (AEG’s Tempest version, the Japanese version, L5R Love Letter, and the Wedding variant of the Tempest version), with more on the way.

A pretty solid set of selections from the Origins Awards this year, which have really upped their game from their laughable state a few years ago. Maybe next year there will be something in the CCG category that isn’t a Yu-gi-oh or Pokémon expansion, and we’ll can talk about that award too.

2013 Dice Tower Awards

Best Artwork – Eldritch Horror (Fantasy Flight Games, art by Aners Finér, David Griffith, Ed Mattinian, Patrick McEvoy, Emilio Rodriguez, Magali Villeneuve, and Drew Whitmore) – Well, now, that was a long list of artists! Eldritch Horror has some great flavor and mood, and while I tend to focus more on the words part of it, the art is not to be ignored.

Best Co-Op Game, Best New Designer, Best Game Theming – Freedom: The Underground Railroad (Academy Games, designed by Bryan Mayer) – I still haven’t been able to play this! Should have backed the Kickstarter. *grumbles*

Best Strategy Game – Russian Railroads (Z-Man Games, designed by Helmut Ohley, Leonhard Orgler) – As I noted on the podcast, this one got nominated a lot, so it isn’t surprising to see it win what is basically the “best Euro-game” award. It is a bit odd, however, that Russian Railroads beat Caverna here, but Caverna beat it for Best Game Period (spoilers!)

Best Small Publisher – Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia (Stonemaier Games, designed by Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone) – Stonemaier was up for both Euphoria and Viticulture. We think Viticulture should have won, but I somehow doubt that Stonemaier is heartbroken.

Game of the Year – Caverna: The Cave Farmers (Lookout Games, designed by Uwe Rosenberg) – Well, I still think Agricola is just as good as Caverna. Pretty sure I’m in the minority on that one though.

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