Torn Asunder Previews – Witness the Untold & Drain of Effort

Another week, another two chances to see the Colonies being Torn Asunder!

First up is Witness the Untold, a slight enlightenment-enabler:

Hint: you are not wise; you will not change your fate. Do not State Into the Void!

Next we’ve got creepy guy in the shadows making more paperwork!

Truly, it is a malevolent force at work to make you fill out more claim forms.


5 thoughts on “Torn Asunder Previews – Witness the Untold & Drain of Effort

  1. Yep. Drain of Effort will certainly make the game much more interactive. Glad to see Crab further on their way to a NPE deck.

  2. Not entirely sure what to make of either of these previews. The spell is nice, but I don’t know if it’s good enough for enlightenment at this point. The action seems like it will just be a good counter for limited control. I’d love it if the card could meta the decks which draw a ton of cards up by turn 3 or 4, but the 2-gold cost makes that a little painful. I guess we still have Indecision for that.

  3. The spell is mostly junk IMO, It only helps with Air and there is already plenty of look at, and not much need for it.

    The action… its super annoying for say… an enlightenment deck, and replaces itself, so its decent meta. I’m rather hoping its not popular as I like open actions.

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