Torn Asunder Decklinks #5

The Torn Asunder environment has now reached its conclusion, but here’s one last batch of  links to successful tournament decks from the environment. A score of decks are led off by … what’s that up front? Kaiu Honor? I’d say “madness!” but that hasn’t started yet. Some other less-represented decks have had some more limited success as well, including Dragon Monks, Asahina Turbo Honor, and several different Unicorn builds.

Crab Kaiu Honor – medalliah – Aldershot Kotei T8

Crab Kaiu Honor – Shahai no Oni – Calgary Kotei T8

Crab Berserkers – Sozen – Sevilla Kotei T8

Crane TFC Military – doji jojo – Athens Kotei T8

Crane Asahina Turbo Honor – Kakita Senka – Puerto Rico Kotei Winner

Crane Asahina Turbo Honor – Kakita Alan – Denver Kotei T8

Dragon Semi-Faceless Honor – Togashi Undercut – Calgary Kotei T4

Dragon MoNTy – Anthony Ngo – Calgary Kotei T8

Dragon MoNTy – Togashi Komhl – Malmo Kotei T8

Lion EVD Smash – AkodoGilador – Sheffield Kotei T8

Lion Scout Swarm – Akodo Maseta – Puerto Rico Kotei T8

Mantis KL – Apps – South Carolina Kotei Winner


Mantis KL – Aldarn – Malmo Kotei T2

Mantis Nonhumans – A.C. – Cincinnati Kotei T4

Phoenix ToP Lizard Wizards – Shiba Qwal – Malmo Kotei Winner

Phoenix LoR Lizard Wizards – Shiba Keikan – Athens Kotei Winner

Unicorn Death Priests – Hoiruchi Meimei – Minneapolis Kotei Winner

Unicorn Commanders – Shinjo Eisai – Albequerque Kotei T4

Unicorn Battle Maidens – Ide Yesugei – Calgary Kotei T8

Imperial Honor – Daidoji Pinukipai – Aldershot Kotei T4


3 thoughts on “Torn Asunder Decklinks #5

  1. You guys can use my real name instead of my forum name like you did with my KL Deck (TA Deck Links #1).

    Also: MoNTy? Why a y at the end? =P

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