Torn Asunder Decklinks #5

The Torn Asunder environment has now reached its conclusion, but here’s one last batch of  links to successful tournament decks from the environment. A score of decks are led off by … what’s that up front? Kaiu Honor? I’d say “madness!” but that hasn’t started yet. Some other less-represented decks have had some more limited success as well, including Dragon Monks, Asahina Turbo Honor, and several different Unicorn builds.

Crab Kaiu Honor – medalliah – Aldershot Kotei T8

Crab Kaiu Honor – Shahai no Oni – Calgary Kotei T8

Crab Berserkers – Sozen – Sevilla Kotei T8

Crane TFC Military – doji jojo – Athens Kotei T8

Crane Asahina Turbo Honor – Kakita Senka – Puerto Rico Kotei Winner

Crane Asahina Turbo Honor – Kakita Alan – Denver Kotei T8

Dragon Semi-Faceless Honor – Togashi Undercut – Calgary Kotei T4

Dragon MoNTy – Anthony Ngo – Calgary Kotei T8

Dragon MoNTy – Togashi Komhl – Malmo Kotei T8

Lion EVD Smash – AkodoGilador – Sheffield Kotei T8

Lion Scout Swarm – Akodo Maseta – Puerto Rico Kotei T8

Mantis KL – Apps – South Carolina Kotei Winner


Mantis KL – Aldarn – Malmo Kotei T2

Mantis Nonhumans – A.C. – Cincinnati Kotei T4

Phoenix ToP Lizard Wizards – Shiba Qwal – Malmo Kotei Winner

Phoenix LoR Lizard Wizards – Shiba Keikan – Athens Kotei Winner

Unicorn Death Priests – Hoiruchi Meimei – Minneapolis Kotei Winner

Unicorn Commanders – Shinjo Eisai – Albequerque Kotei T4

Unicorn Battle Maidens – Ide Yesugei – Calgary Kotei T8

Imperial Honor – Daidoji Pinukipai – Aldershot Kotei T4


3 thoughts on “Torn Asunder Decklinks #5

  1. You should change the text Asako Altanis to Shiba Keikan as i (altanis) just reposted his deck from the AEG forums

  2. You guys can use my real name instead of my forum name like you did with my KL Deck (TA Deck Links #1).

    Also: MoNTy? Why a y at the end? =P

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