The Madness of Case Kiyonaga

While we’re on a bit of a hiatus here and I’m not assembling any decklinks posts right now, the illustrious Case Kiyonaga forwarded me his decklist from the San Jose Kotei, where he was top after Swiss and then conceded in the T4. So enjoy that, and look for more decklists/links when we return!

Foothold of the Mad
Border Keep xp
Bamboo Harvesters xp2

Ryoshun’s Guidance
Benten’s Blessing
Imperial Gift

3 Temple of Harmony
3 Small Library
2 Magistrate’s Stipend
2 Fudoist Advisor
1 Falling Rain Dojo
1 Chugo Seido
1 Family Library
2 Traveling Peddler
The Imperial Treasury
Temple of Tengen

3 Yoritomo Tonogi
3 Mirumoto Kazuya
2 Nishiguchi
Seppun Ritisharu
Shosuro Aroru
The Dark Naga
Akodo Tsudoken xp2
Asako Chukage xp2
Hiruma Nikaru xp2
Togashi Noboru xp
Bayushi Nitoshi xp
Kakita Hideo xp2

3 Feign Death
3 Steel on Steel
3 Sword for Hire
3 Duel to First Blood
3 A Magistrate Falls
1 Hundred-Fold Cut
3 Siege Volley
2 Entrenched Position
2 Heart of Darkness
3 Indecision
1 Sudden Movement
1 Sundering Strike
1 Brothers in Battle
A Game of Dice
Fruitless Search
Creating Order
Closing the Gap

The Black Pearl
The Egg of P’an Ku
The Emerald Armor
Paneki’s Mask

Ring of Water
Ring of Fire

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