Hack the Planet: Deck Diving 3: The quick brown Fox News jumps over the lazy Runner

It got too scuzzy in DC so they moved to SanSan.
Everything’s easier in DC. if you have the money

Hello, and welcome to another episode of Deck Diving wherein I delve into a Netrunner deck and try to show you some of the choices made. As always, I have made all of the decks, thus their general quality. Today I’ll be covering the Corp deck I took to Regionals, NBN Fast Advance.

The basic goal of any “fast advance” deck is to not let Agendas hang out on board. There are lots of ways to do this, from Trick of Light to Sansan to Biotic Labor. Generally, if a fast advance deck is operating properly there should never be an advanced card at the end of the opponent’s turn, thus forcing the Runner to run blindly in hopes of getting an Agenda.

One special note: I like Upgrades. I have had forts with 5-6 cards in them before. This makes it much harder for the Runner to determine if they should run: is the card you just added to the fort an unadvanced Agenda or just another Red Herrings. Best of all, with Ash you can make them ask this question again and again. Between Ash and Herrings it should take the Runner several runs to actually find out what’s in the fort, and end up too broke to actually do anything once they get in. The one problem with Upgrade style fast advance over operation based fast advance is you still need an Advance fort, though in this case to protect your Upgrades rather than a partial Agenda. Use this to your advantage: once you’re in phase three, if your advance fort is every other turn (as it should be), you can toss in an upgrade or asset, they run (cause they need to if it’s an Agenda) and now next turn you can drop an Agenda that they can’t run against.

On to the deck!

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NBN: Making News (Core) Our only choice.
Total Cards: (49)
Agenda (10)
Private Security Force (Core #107) x1
Executive Retreat (Trace Amount #39) x3 Right now NBN doesn’t have a lot of Agenda options, so has to play a 5 for 3. As such I like the retreat since it removes HQ as a target and then lets you power through a lot of cards. If the Runner is hitting R&D every turn, the counter here will let you get to a lot of cards the Runner wouldn’t have seen (i.e. Agendas.) Also, once your hand is empty and you have several turns before you’re discarding you can use the breathing room to restabilize your economy. 
Breaking News (Core #82) x3 Play, advance, advance, score. No fort needed.

Yes, apparently you can call dibs on the moon.
Fox News: now calling dibs on the moon

AstroScript Pilot Program (Core #81) x3 The best Agenda. With Sansan it can score the same turn it hits the table. Without you can play it and score it next turn. Once you have it the next one becomes easy. Save it for Scoring an Agenda you just dropped.

Asset (7)
Adonis Campaign (Core #56) x3 ■■ Naked men give you money. You can put this in your advance fort to protect it, then it goes away in time to score something there.
PAD Campaign (Core #109) x2 Just toss them somewhere. The Trickle economy boost can be a winner over the long game.
Melange Mining Corp (Core #108) x2 A few turns of Melange can pay for everything else. Don’t be afraid to toss it in your advance fort, use it for a few turns to get a super bit stack, then toss it once you’re ready for an Agenda.

ICE (20) All of the ICE here is stopper ICE. Except for Tollbooth it’s all cheap. As such you should be able to keep the Runner out fairly well for not much investment, leaving your funds for Sansan/advancing.
Ice Wall (Core #103) x3 ■ 
Rototurret (Core #64) x2 ■ While it has no stopping power against a Sentry breaker, if the Runner is foolish enough to run without one this will ruin their day.
Wall of Static (Core #113) x3

Ask not for whom the Booth Tolls. It Tolls for thee, Runner.
Not everyone can pay the Toll

Tollbooth (Core #90) x3 One of the best stopper ICE in the game, thus worth the high price tag you’re paying. Put it where you really need to defend as it should make it cost prohibitive for the Runner to get in too often.
TMI (What Lies Ahead #17) x3
Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus #56) x3 More speed bump than stopper, put this where they’re running often and you can make some nice bank over the game.
Enigma (Core #111) x3

Operation (5)
Hedge Fund (Core #110) x3
Anonymous Tip (Core #83) x2 The one deck I’d put this card in. In late game a smart Runner should be running R&D regularly enough that they’ll get any Agendas that would show up. This way you can get to cards they haven’t seen.

Upgrade (7)

At trace 6 (thanks to identity) this should keep the Runner from getting anything else out.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY (What Lies Ahead #13) x2 ■■ Thanks to Ash, the Runner should only see Ash. If you’re very lucky they may not even be able to afford his trash. 
SanSan City Grid (Core #92) x2 Score Agendas fast. Well worth the Money. Best of all, at its trash cost it’s really hard for the Runner to get rid of (they should).
Red Herrings (Core #91) x3
Total Agenda Points: 20

So that’s my fast advance deck. It’s performed fairly well for me, most of my losses being due to lucky topdecks from the Runner (I hate you Noise) or unlucky appearances of ICE (or the lack thereof) rather than weakness of the deck itself. If you like bluffing, Data Raven is effective at keeping the Runner scared, though at some point they’ll call your bluff and he becomes tissue paper. Generally speaking you only need to ICE two forts: R&D and your Upgrade area. Keep your economy rolling and walls of stopping ICE up and you have nothing to fear from the Runner.

Happy Running!

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