Hack the Planet: Deck Diving 15: Jinteki Ping

Pew Pew Pew!

Hello, and welcome to another Deck Diving. Today we’ll be looking at a deck design I’ve been wanting to play since the game first released, and now finally has the Agenda support it needs to be viable: Jinteki Ping. The basic idea is to use the Core Set Identity and as many 1 point Agendas as possible to throw lots and lots of Net damage at the Runner through the course of the game. For them to win the Runner will need to take at least 7 Net damage throughout the course of the game. That said, the goal isn’t to kill the Runner: that may happen as a happy accident. Instead, we use the Net damage as a brake on the Runner during phase 3. Money is easy to come by, but if they need to be drawing several cards each turn and getting the money to break in they can’t be Running that often.

Further, since other than the Angry Baby, all of our Agenda take 3 to score we can leave them out unadvanced. This lets us much more easily bluff Snare!

On to the Deck!


Jinteki: Personal Evolution (Core) Ping Ping Ping!
Total Cards: (49)

Don’t make baby Angry. You won’t like baby when it’s angry.

Agenda (17)
Unorthodox Predictions (Mala Tempora #53) x3
Profiteering (Second Thoughts #39) x3
Gila Hands Arcology (Creation and Control #23) x3
Fetal AI (Trace Amount #32) x3 The only non 3 advance, it does even more damage to the Runner on access. Probably only scored if desperate.
False Lead (A Study in Static #80) x2
Clone Retirement (Second Thoughts #32) x3 Sorry, Baby was not the only not 3: this one’s cheaper. It can be scored out of hand in one turn – great if the Runner foolishly ends with an empty hand!

Asset (8)
Jackson Howard (Opening Moves #15) x3 ■ Sooo good. Get back your traps. Get back your economy. And with Jackson in play it’s safe to toss a few Agendas in the discard if you start getting overflow (with 17 that’s bound to happen) plus you can dig for whatever it is you need out of the deck right now.
Snare! (Core #70) x3
Private Contracts (Cyber Exodus #59) x2 We do need *some* economy: I like Private Contracts for its boost, though PAD Campaign’s trickle and unrezzed bluff potential is also a viable option if you’d rather a slower payout.

It slices! It dices! It juliennes Runners!

ICE (17) The ICE is a little light for the deck, but we’re counting on the damage to slow the Runner, and with score from table we likely don’t need much by way of forts.
Ice Wall (Core #103) x2 ■
Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus #56) x2 ■ A great Econ card. Put Chum in front and giggle to yourself (I know I do)
Rototurret (Core #64) x1 ■ Still one of my favorite one-ofs. An unprepared Runner can have a really bad day, especially if their game plan is Atman and they have no 0 counter Atman out.
Bastion (Creation and Control #26) x2
Swordsman (Second Thoughts #33) x2  AI meta.
Neural Katana (Core #77) x2
Himitsu-Bako (Opening Moves #13) x2
Chum (Core #75) x2
Archer (Core #101) x2 ■■ With this many 1 point Agendas Archie is a great add on. So few Runners will expect it, it should wreck a few days. Laugh maniacally if you put Chum in front of it.

Operation (5)
Neural EMP (Core #72) x2  Every so often you’ll get a kill in. With this much Net damage running around its bound to happen occasionally.
Hedge Fund (Core #110) x3

Upgrade (2)
Hokusai Grid (Humanity’s Shadow #95) x2 Another fun one to add more Net damage. Once they clue in to the 3 advance plan, put Hokusai Grid by itself in your advance fort and see them run it expecting some points for their Net damage.

Happy Runner Killing!

3 thoughts on “Hack the Planet: Deck Diving 15: Jinteki Ping

  1. Definitely really interesting, however I’m worried about cash-flow if I tried it. Dropping agendas is 1 action, no problem. But advancing them 3 times means no economy played next turn and -3 credits. And have to do that 7 times (plus the snares you need to do in order to scare them off). So, not sure can close out the came before runner has their massive end-game rig and is smashing ice left and right. And they’re not going to be running without 5 cards in hand much after the first few pings (and professional contacts makes it worse).

    1. Always a concern, especially for the Corp. That said, I’ve not had much problem with it. The ICE is all cheap, which is usually one of the big Corp expenses. While contacts is the only economy asset, you also have profiteering and gila hands. Taking the bad pub is no big thing as you’re slowing the Runner’s runs with net damage rather than monies. If the Runner is only running with a full grip, you’re doing your job right: we want to slow their running via damage.

      Maybe give it a play, see how it feels. While there’s not a huge amount of room in the deck for tinkering there is some.

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