Coils of Madness Decklinks #2 – Sedai Circuit

Well, now that I’ve finished expending time watching every episode of Checkpoint that I’ve missed recently, maybe I should throw up some links to the one real Legend of the Five Rings tournament that happened in July – that being the July 20 Sedai Circuit tournament in Albany, New York (yes, it was technically in East Greenbush, which is outside of Albany, but be happy that I don’t just lump everything past White Plains together as “upstate New York”).

Why does the Sedai Circuit, which has no storyline prize whatsoever, count as a “real tournament?”

That’s right, cash prizes. The other awesome thing that Dineen does with the Sedai Circuit (yes, that’s the same Dineen who is now the AEG Event Manager) is make everyone submit decklists, and then publishes the top ones. Hooray! A fellow supporter of available decklists! Also, since Dan posts the decklists all in one nice spot, I could be really lazy and just link you to that. But I’ll at least expend a few smidgens of effort to link to the individual threads for the T8 (they split the cash prizes, so there’s no rankings other than T8 and ranking after Swiss).

Any excuse not to include Kalani’s Landing as the featured image.


Crane TFC Military – John Liu – Sedai Circuit #1 Seed

Mantis KL – Will Abbott – Sedai Circuit #2 Seed

ToP Wizard Lizards – Eric Welsh – Sedai Circuit #3 Seed

Lion TMF Blitz – Danny Swartz – Sedai Circuit #4 Seed

Crab Scouts Free Followers – Jon Palmer – Sedai Circuit #5 Seed

Mantis KL – Jeff Medico – Sedai Circuit #6 Seed

Imperial Faceless Honor – Melissa Bowers – Sedai Circuit #7 Seed

Spider “Ninja” – Adam Feeney – Sedai Circuit #8 Seed

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