Clan Tourney Success in Kotei Season 2013 #6

Six Kotei this weekend, but the additional data isn’t as much as you might think based on that, as we’re lacking breakdowns for two of the Kotei and one was very small. The Power of Ornatov meant that Spider picked up its second Kotei win (and first with a non-nerfed deck), while the others went to Phoenix (x2), Crab, Unicorn, and Mantis. Check out how TFT/Imperials have climbed up the ‘make the cut’ rankings, now exceeding all but the strongest Clans. Leading Warlord candidate Hida Kaiji was on the chopping block at the Moscow Kotei but was spared, so we’re still on track to have a gigantic half-stone mutant leading the military forces in the Colonies (and if he doesn’t get that job, I hear the X-Men are always on the lookout for new recruits). The Empire looks to be continuing to hold its lead in the Empire v. Colonies vote (if only we knew what that meant).

Make the cut data is currently missing the following: Green Bay Kotei, Adelaide Kotei.

Torn Asunder
Players% of FieldMade CutWon% Made CutRelative Chance of Making Cut


Make the Cut Ranks
1 ) Mantis – 27%
2 ) Phoenix – 26%
3 ) Crab – 25%
3a ) Unaligned/Imperial – 23%
4 ) Unicorn – 22%
5 ) Scorpion – 19%
6 ) Lion – 17%
7 ) Dragon – 17%
8 ) Spider – 14%
9 ) Crane – 13%



For the clan-on-clan violence, we’re missing the following: Sao Paulo, Green Bay, and (parts of) Portland

Crab seize a location from the Phoenix (6 victories).

Crane seize a location from the Dragon (2 victories).

Dragon seize a location from the Mantis (2 victories).

Lion seize a location from the Phoenix (7 victories).

Mantis seize a location from the Phoenix (8 victories).

Phoenix seize a location from the Crab (12 victories).

Scorpion seize a location from the Phoenix (3 victories).

Spider seize a location from Crab/Phoenix (2 victories).

Unicorn seize a location from Phoenix (6 victories).

So … the gods of fate have somehow managed to increase the number of clans projected to be taking territory from the Phoenix. As a reward for their success, the Phoenix are now in line to lose 5 or 6 locations. I somehow do not think this is what AEG had in mind when they came up with this system. Also, on a personal side note, Dragon players please don’t lose any more matches to the Crane.

Match Win % for Matchups with more than 5 data points:

Phoenix over Dragon – 89% (9 matches)
Phoenix over Crane – 83% (6 matches)
Unicorn over Crab – 83% (6 matches)
Phoenix over Unicorn – 73% (11 matches)
Phoenix over Crab – 67% (18 matches)
Phoenix over Scorpion – 67% (9 matches)
Unicorn over Mantis – 67% (9 matches)
Crab over Scorpion – 67% (6 matches)
Lion over Phoenix – 64% (11 matches)
Phoenix over Mantis – 58% (19 matches)

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