Clan Tourney Success in Kotei Season 2013 #13

We’ve got a second weekend of Coils of Madness-legal Kotei under our belt, and a lot more data, since there were six tournaments, several of them were not small, and all of them posted sufficient information to be included in the statistics. Wins for Lion, Phoenix, Phoenix, Mantis, Mantis, and Mantis. I suppose Coils has mattered some, because there are “Madness” decks making the cut, but … I’ve been saying that it’s pointless to try and nerf anything in the current environment because something else will just pop up and dominate in turn. And I know this is quite a small sample of a new environment. But after  yet another pile of Phoenix and Mantis (both winning and in the cut), I’m starting to think maybe it’s worth it just for the sake of variety. All JEKxp T4 for GenCon? 😉

Coils of Madness
Players % of Field Made Cut Won % Made Cut Relative Chance of Making Cut
Crab 27 8.9% 1 3.7% -82.1%
Crane 16 5.3% 2 12.5% -39.7%
Dragon 37 12.3% 10 1 27.0% 30.3%
Lion 26 8.6% 4 2 15.4% -25.8%
Mantis 38 12.6% 11 4 28.9% 39.6%
Phoenix 33 10.9% 13 2 39.4% 90.0%
Scorpion 33 10.9% 6 18.2% -12.3%
Spider 22 7.3% 5 1 22.7% 9.6%
Unicorn 32 10.6% 6 18.8% -9.6%
Unaligned 38 12.6% 10 26.3%
302 68 22.0% 37.7%

Make the Cut Rankings
1 ) Phoenix – 39%
2 ) Mantis – 29%
3 ) Dragon – 27%
3a ) Unaligned/Imperial/Madness – 26%
4 ) Spider – 23%
5 ) Unicorn – 19%
6 ) Scorpion – 18%
7 ) Lion – 15%
8 ) Crane – 13%
9 ) Crab – 4%

For those of you not keeping track at home, she was a Spider infiltrator who went native in the Mantis, and is now retired and a member of the Brotherhood of Shinsei who has been promoting Fudoism in the Empire.

On the story front, I think that the Empire has now secured enough votes to win in the Empire vs. Colonies front. I wouldn’t be surprised if that tally doesn’t show up in the official updates until the season is over. In the race for Warlord, the Phoenix (Karachu) and Unicorn (Sung Ki) contenders have fallen, which either (1) leaves Tamori Tomoko with a commanding lead or (2) puts Yoritomo Aranai right up there with her on the back of just two weekends (yes, two weekends of Mantis and Spider making the cut = an entire season of Dragon). Which it is depends on whether it means anything that Aranai was taken hostage this weekend. Early in the season it seemed that getting taken hostage meant losing your points (after a Phoenix contender failed to show up in the standings after being taken hostage), but there’s never been any statement about what any of these results really mean. Of course, one or both of Tamoko or Aranai could be cut down next week, thus opening things back up for another wave of contenders.

Clan v. Clan Violence guesses/speculation/whatever

Crab take from Phoenix.

Crane take from Dragon.

Dragon take from Mantis.

Lion take from Phoenix.

Mantis take from Phoenix.

Phoenix take from Mantis.

Scorpion take from Lion.

Spider take from Phoenix.

Unicorn take from Crab/Mantis.


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