A Letter From Someone Other Than Shiba Tsukimi

Sorry, Phoenix, if you wanted to hear from your super-awesome Clan Champion, because you’re getting some Isawa Mitsuko chatter instead. Apparently not satisfied with being the Master of Air and taking over the Asako Inquisitors form that family, perhaps she’s going to be running the Shiba now as well? Although this may be the last you hear from her, because it looks like she’s been replaced. So, on the bright side, maybe some last words of wisdom. On the down side, maybe she’s laying out a course of action that proceeded to get her killed. So I guess you’ll have to decide whether to delve more deeply into the madness of P’an Ku. Maybe you can find some sort of scrolls containing the essence of P’an Ku, and then try to learn from them how to defeat him. I’m sure it won’t end up with a Fallen Iweko of some sort sitting on the throne.

Brothers and Sisters,

The Chaos in the Colonies has at last subsided. The true culprit of the insanity that has plagued that land for so many months stands revealed at last. The mad dragon, P’an Ku, one of the most inscrutable and ill-understood entities in the entirety of the universe as we know it, was at the root of the malady that scourged all those within that land, our people as much as any other. The dragon has been banished for now. The assumption is that it will not return, at least not for some considerable length of time, and when it does return, we hope to better understand how we can detect its influence, so that this particular brand of insanity cannot affect us again in the future.

The problem that we face is much greater one than rebuilding in the aftermath of this tragedy. There have been a great many such tragedies over our history. How many external influences must we permit to affect us in such a manner before we attempt to prevent it? How many times can the people of Rokugan endure a malady of the spirit before it changes who we are forever?

I believe that the time for complacency has passed.

There are secrets in the world that we have never understood, and because we have not understood them, we have failed to act in a manner that will protect us and all others. The corrupting touch of Jigoku that we know as the Taint, the insidious erasure of the Lying Darkness, and now the maddening influence of P’an Ku… how can we endure anything else along such lines? We cannot. And we will not. Not so long as the Phoenix Clan stands ready to defend the Empire of Rokugan.

This latest tragedy represents opportunity for us. Many were affected, some more so than others, and some at a rate of speed far greater than others. What permitted us to occur? What factors influenced the degree to which one person was affected and another was not? In the wake of this most gruesome of incidents, I see the chance to ensure that it is the last. This is the chance for us, the chosen servants of the Empress who possess greater knowledge of such things than any other, to find the truth and protect all gainst it forever.

Together, brothers and sisters, we will end the threats of the supernatural forever. We merely must be dedicated and strong, two things that the Phoenix Clan are known for. Let us bring peace to the Empire and its Colonies once and for all.

Isawa Mitsuko
Master of Air
Chief Inquisitor of the Asako

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