Submit Your Interview Questions for GenCon 2012

As we have for the last couple of years, Strange Assembly will be attending GenCon, and conducting interviews with AEG staff.  At a minimum, we will be doing the usual interviews with the Story Team and Design Team (aka, Bryan Reese).  We are also looking into doing interviews on other subjects, such as the RPG or AEG’s other active product lines (Thunderstone, Nightfall, Tempest, SmashUp, etc.).

So, while GenCon is still a good four months away, I thought I’d put out the first call for questions – let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to hear us ask about at GenCon.  Questions can be for any of the subjects listed above, or you can suggest if there’s a non-AEG interview you’d like to hear from Strange Assembly.  Just e-mail your ideas to

If you missed them the first time around, you can go back and listen to our prior-year GenCon interviews:

2010 L5R Story Team and Brand Manager Interviews

2010 L5R CCG Design Team Interview

2011 L5R Story Team Interview

2011 L5R CCG Design Team Interview

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