Kotei 2012/Emperor Edition Meta-Game Update #1

Tournaments are back on, so it’s time for more Strange Assembly gathering of data. The Emperor Edition environment will mostly consist of 2012 Kotei tournaments, but there are a few seven Emperor-legal tournies before Kotei season kicked off (four of which I have the data for). So right now, this is as much pre-Kotei as Kotei, but as the weeks roll on, it will more and more just reflect Kotei season.

Note that the number of tournaments won is not equal to the number of tournaments used for the full data – there are some tournaments that I know the winning Clan for, but still don’t have the full data.  Also note that the average make the cut % is the average per clan, and excludes Unaligned.

Emperor Edition Environment
Participants % of Field Made Cut Won % Made Cut
Crab 66 18.33% 18 2 27.27%
Crane 23 6.39% 2 8.70%
Dragon 33 9.17% 5 1 15.15%
Lion 46 12.78% 16 1 34.78%
Mantis 34 9.44% 8 2 23.53%
Phoenix 35 9.72% 9 25.71%
Scorpion 42 11.67% 4 9.52%
Spider 33 9.17% 5 1 15.15%
Unicorn 45 12.50% 7 1 15.56%
Unaligned 3 0.83% 0 0.00%
360 74 19.49%

Check out that Crab attendance figure! Lion have been, to the surprise of no one, smashing face. Phoenix have gotten off to a much hotter start than was expected, with Scorpion dragging more than was expected given the apparent power of their Paragons of Loyalty. Hopefully we’ll get some decklists as the week goes on, so we can get a better picture of what’s being played in all these decks.

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